Are there apartments near TCC that don’t feel like living in the middle of a city?

If living in the middle of a city is not exactly appealing to you, worry not. A lot of renters would prefer a more secluded location. TCC is not exactly in a rural area, however, there are TCC apartments that let you forget that you are so close to busy areas of Tallahassee.

Many apartments near TCC offer scenic views. Capital Walk is located Northwest of TCC (about a 7-10 minute drive) and is one place where you will not feel too crowded by middle of the city buildings or traffic. Not only is the complex beautifully landscaped, you have the option of choosing a private wooded view. The complex is surrounded by woods, giving you a chance to see nature, not concrete, as you unwind at home. This is a gated community, so you don't have to worry about people just driving though – your neighbors will be your only traffic. Some units include patios, giving you a chance to relax outdoors but in the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to see all the TCC apartments with nature views, start at our search page. From there, on your left, click the ‘+' next to ‘Community Features.' Choose ‘Yes' next to ‘Nature View.' The list will automatically update to show you only places that offer a nature view as one of their amenities.

If you tire of spending your downtime at home, Tallahassee is home to tons of parks full of natural beauty. One place to browse many of the parks nearby is to visit the City of Tallahassee's website. Another great place to check out is called Visit my Forest. This website lists forests that you can visit, and lets you know what sort of activities are found there.

One great park to visit in West Tallahassee is Lake Talquin State Forest. Hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, biking, horseback riding, boating – you name it, it can be done there. Another unique find - San Luis Mission Park. This is historically themed (Spanish and Apalachee 1656-1704) and also offers a short bike trail. Of course, the number of parks in and around Tallahassee is astounding, so I encourage you to take a look for yourself. Whether you want to be biking or hiking or picnicking in nature, there are plenty of options close by.

Tallahassee is often described as one of the most green (literal green – very full of plant life) cities of Florida. Finding a TCC apartment that doesn't seem to urban will not be as hard in Tally as it would in other large cities. Tallahassee is a very spread out city, helping you to not feel as crowded as you might in other Florida cities.

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