I want to get in shape this year. Are there many apartments near FSU with gyms?

First of all, that is a great goal, and it is one that many apartments near FSU make very achievable. Not only are there plenty of FSU apartments with gyms, a majority of them are 24-hour fitness centers, allowing you to workout in whatever way best fits your schedule! Gyms are really just the beginning of the fitness offerings found in apartments near FSU.

As a student in Tallahassee, sometimes you just don't get a chance to work out during the “normal” 8am-5pm window of time some gyms allow. Many places understand that students are looking for a place with flexible options to fit their unique class schedules. Some days, you may have classes until 9pm and want to work out after a stressful day. Some folks prefer to get up at 5 and start the day off at the gym. And every once in a while, you have an awkward four hour break between classes, and what better way to fill the time than to go work out? Round-the-clock fitness centers help to meet everybody's needs.

If overall fitness is your goal, you may also want to think about what other amenities are offered. There are FSU apartments with basketball courts, racquetball courts, swimming pools, volleyball courts, and tennis courts. You may find that you enjoy some of these sports, if you don't already. Seminole Grand currently offers a 24-hour fitness center, a pool, volleyball court, tennis court, and sand volleyball pit. This place has a lot to offer FSU students that are interested in fitness. Trying out these group activities allows you to become friends with some of your like-minded fitness-loving neighbors.

To see which places offer a gym for their Tallahassee residents, start here. Once you using our customizable search tool, you can filter based on located, amenities offered, number of bedrooms, price, and more. To filter out apartments that do not offer a gym, first click on ‘Show Advanced Filters.' Then, click the ‘+' next to ‘Sports & Fitness.' Chose yes next to either '24-Hour Fitness Center' or ‘Fitness Center.' The list of units that you are shown will automatically update to show you only places that have a fitness center. You can also filter to see only FSU apartments by looking under ‘Student Housing Options.'

I'm sure you will have no trouble finding an apartment near FSU that offers you not only a gym, but several other fitness options as well. This should make sticking to your goal much easier than if you have to take the time to drive to a gym. Passing a fitness center every time you leave and enter your complex will be a great reminder to hit the gym!

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