How to prep for a long road trip from an FSU apartment?

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Living in Florida's capital, near the beautiful Florida State University, there are plenty of places to travel to for a road trip with friends and any of your FSU apartment roommates. Heading to Tampa from Tallahassee is about a 5-hour drive, Orlando is about a 4-hour drive, and Jacksonville is about a 2.5-hour drive. Being so close to these major cities can offer plenty of opportunities for activities to plan, so you are never left without anything to do.

Not to mention, states like South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana border Tallahassee, making them easily accessible by car for a planned vacation. Taking a car on a road trip can be very convenient, especially if you are going with multiple people. Having your own car can allow you to travel within a state to multiple locations, save money on airfare and taxi expenses, and bring as many things as you want on your vacation.

Keep a Dependable Vehicle at Your FSU Apartment

An important thing to remember when planning a road trip is that a safe, reliable vehicle is crucial for the drive. The risk of breaking down, experiencing unexpected car troubles, or other automobile problems can be really stressful. To avoid this, looking for auto repair shops in the area that will check out your car prior to a road trip can give you peace of mind that the vehicle is safe for a longer trip on the road.

Map Out the Drive Ahead of Time

Looking at traffic patterns, weather conditions on the day of the drive, and mapping out possible stops along the way can make the drive more structured when done ahead of time. Depending on when you leave for the trip, traffic near your FSU apartment can prevent you from checking into hotels and being present for reservations on time. The best way to avoid being late is to just look at the route and plan out where you can stop for bathroom breaks, gas fill-ups, and hotels if the trip can't be made in one day.

With all of the possibilities, starting with a solid vacation plan can help make your road trip around apartments near FSU go off without any problems!

Pack All the Road Trip Essentials

Some of the most important things to bring on a road trip include snacks, cold drinks in water bottles, Advil for headaches, an emergency first aid kit, flashlights, jumper cables in case your car breaks down, towels, charging cables, and anything else that might be important to your ideal road trip experience. If you want to take fresh food from your refrigerator and bring it with you, packing it in a cooler with ice can make it a lot easier.

Bring Friends on the Trip to Places Close to Apartments Near FSU

A road trip is more fun when you have people to share the experience with. If you live in a 3-bedroom apartment near FSU or a 4-bedroom apartment near FSU, you can get your roommates to come with you. Also, close friends make for great road trip companions. The more people you bring with you, the more people are able to take shifts driving and split gas prices.

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