Do only college students live near FAMU?

Students attending the local universities undoubtedly occupy many FAMU apartments. Tallahassee is widely known for its college coeds and boisterous backdrop. Although the setting surrounding FAMU apartments is mostly centered on students, many residents not attending the university have found comfort in settling down just outside of the student district.

There are over 180,000 residents in the Tallahassee region. 20% of the populations are enrolled at either FAMU or Florida State University. Although twenty percent is less than a quarter of the population, most of that percentile lives in one single district known as Southwest Tallahassee. If you are looking to capture the essence of a college lifestyle, living in this district will certainly allow for one to gain a taste of collegiate bliss.

Many students are attracted to areas close to campus for several reasons. Fist, many find convenience in being walking distance to class. Aside from skipping the long search in hopes for a parking spot, being within a close proximity to campus can also help alleviate cost associated with owning a vehicle such as gas and insurance. Secondly, just on the outskirts of the academic institution are plenty of college friendly bars, restaurants and live entertainment. Lastly, many of the apartments near FAMU are quite affordable, since many renting these units are working on a student budget.

However student friendly the Southwest district may be, many non-students have also taken up residents in the area. Tallahassee has become a popular part of town for many business professionals and alumni. The city is known for its strong position in employment opportunities, bringing many governmental seeking employees to the area. Other hopeful attorneys, educators and culinary experts have also planted their roots in Tally, taking advantage of the city's opportunities.

If you are searching for an apartment near FAMU, be prepared to share your property with a local student. If you are hoping to be further away from such youthful tenants, you may want to consider the surrounding neighborhoods just on the outskirts of campus. Thomasville has become a rather popular suburb that is just a short commute to the nearby college. However, if you are hoping to remain in the center of the entertainment district, look for units near Monroe or Osceola or College Ave.

Communities near the school come in a variety of types to accommodate nearly every individual from students to business professionals and families. Although those attending the state universities predominantly occupy much of the area, student residents are not the only ones who take advantage of the Southwest district.

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