What is the right type of lease for a college student renting an apartment for their first time near FAMU?

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If you've never rented an apartment before then chances are you're very unfamiliar with the types of leases offered to residents. FAMU apartments offer a wide variety of leases to choose from, which can actually be pretty scary for those who have never rented an apartment before, and sometimes even scary for those who have. When you sign a lease there aren't many circumstances where you will be able to break the lease without paying a hefty penalty. Which is why it's of the utmost importance that you know exactly what kind of lease that you want, and that you're sure you've chosen the right apartment.

The most popular lease among college students seems to be an individual lease. An individual lease can be extremely beneficial to college students in more ways than one. With an individual lease you'll never have to worry about picking up your roommates' slack. This means that should your roommate choose not to pay rent, you won't be impacted in any negative way. With an individual lease you'll sign an agreement saying that you'll pay for you room (which usually comes with an attached bathroom and small living space or mini kitchen) and a share of the living areas such as the kitchen, dining room, living room, and washer and dryer. Individual leases in Tallahassee apartments also offer a great deal of privacy. Most apartments offer keyed entry to each bedroom, and each bedroom usually comes equipped with its own private bathroom. Should you choose to socialize with your roommates, the common areas provide a perfect venue to do so.

Another popular lease amongst FAMU apartments and college students is a fixed-term lease. With a fixed-term lease you'll agree to tenancy in your apartment for a certain period of time. This period usually ranges from 1-2 years but many FAMU apartments offer fixed-term leases with shorter terms, such as semester long agreements. Fixed-term leases are great for those who plan to stay in their FAMU apartment for a set amount of time. With a fixed-term lease you'll also agree to a predetermined monthly rent. This offers some security for a college student because it takes all of the guessing out of apartment living.

The least popular lease in Tallahassee apartments in the FAMU area is probably the periodic lease. This lease type is also known as a month-to-month lease. With a periodic lease you make no agreement to stay for any lengthy amount of time in your apartment. You usually only have to give 15-30 notice before you plan on moving out. However these types of leases offer less stability when it comes to rent. Your rent with a periodic lease can very month to month, making it an unwise choice for many college students.

Tallahassee apartments near FAMU offer a wide array of lease types to choose from. The best lease type for a college student usually seems to be an individual lease. With an individual lease you'll have stability, and a sense of security since you'll never have to worry about covering for your roommates. Luckily for you many FAMU apartments near Tallahassee offer individual leases.

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