I love keeping plants in my home. How can I keep plants thriving in my small Florida State University apartment?

After living in an apartment for long enough, it usually happens eventually. No matter how much effort and TLC you provide, your plants end up dying, the leaves turning brown and wilting. You are left to sadly throw away yet another beloved plant.

No matter how green your thumb may be, caring for plants in a small apartment – especially a student apartment – is tricky. However, there are a few clever ways to make your tiny FSU apartment the perfect greenhouse for your plants to thrive and live long, happy lives.

Let There Be Light

As we all know, one of the most important things to keeping plants alive is proper sunlight. Take a quick look around your apartment; if you don't see a whole lot of natural light, I'm afraid indoor plants may not be the best idea for you. Look for student apartments near FSU that provide several large windows within the spaces, with plenty of room for lots of natural light to seep in.

There are also several options that provide a balcony or even a porch for more direct sunlight for those high-maintenance plants. Townhomes may be more apt to have porches and this space is the perfect home for some plants to photosynthesize.

Of course, there are those certain types of plants that can get by with, or even require, only partial sunlight or are shade grown. Remember to do your research on the kinds of plants you want and their light needs to find what will fit into your FSU apartment!


If you have an already furnished apartment, most likely the complex didn't provide you with many decorative tables and, therefore, not enough space for your plants. This was a personal discovery of mine recently. In my apartment, we don't have a whole lot of flat space, and even less near the windows. I had placed all of my plants on a bookshelf a few feet away from the nearest window, but was finding that the plants were slowly wilting, no matter how much I followed their watering routine.

And then, when I was in Five Below one day, I came across their tiny decorative tables. They are only a few feet tall and about a foot or two in diameter, making it the right size for any tiny space. It was perfect for putting right underneath the window and now my plants are pesky plants thriving in their newfound light. Five dollars per table was a small price to pay to save them!

Do Your Research!

There are many very resilient plants to choose from; all it takes is a little bit of research. Plants such as snake plants and aloe are relatively low-maintenance and don't require a particularly strict watering schedule. They are perfect to brighten up any FSU apartment for busy college students.

If you go to Florida State University, you are probably often in class or at other events and obligations that take up your time. You likely do not have the time to meticulously care for a plant. Or maybe you just don't want to. Whatever the case, do a little bit of research and you can find plenty of plants that are incredibly low maintenance for your busy life.

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