What are some must-have appliances for my TCC apartment?

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Eating out is nice occasionally, but it's expensive, so many students at Tallahassee Community College choose to cook their meals at their TCC apartments. Unfortunately, cooking can be a lot of work, and with a college student's busy schedule, it's important that getting your daily nutrients is as easy as possible. One thing you can do to motivate yourself to cook more often is to get useful appliances for your apartment. The right set of kitchen appliances can make your life a breeze, drastically shorten cooking and cleanup time, and give you a better idea of how to use all the ingredients in your apartment refrigerator. This article will give some suggestions on needed kitchen appliances that will make your life at apartments near TCC so much easier.

Grab a Rice Cooker for your TCC apartment

There's a reason why rice is one of the staple grains of many cultural foods: it's easy to cook, it's filling, and it goes with just about anything. Add it to some meat and veggies for a complete meal, use it to soak up sauces, or fry it up with seasonings! If you don't already have some sort of rice cooking appliance, you simply must get one.

There are many different ways to cook rice, and although the "correct" way is hotly debated, everyone has their own preferences. If you want to use an apartment-provided kitchen appliance, you can cook your rice in the microwave or the stove. But to save water and energy, a rice cooker is the way to go. Many appliances advertised as rice cookers are a type of pressure cooker, a useful appliance in its own right as it's as hands-off as a slow cooker without sacrificing the flavor of your food. 

Air Fryers

Air fryers are increasingly popular kitchen appliances known for being healthy, fast, easy to use and easy to clean. Like super hot ceiling fans, they use hot air to heat food, leaving it crispy and fried without the use of oil. They come in a variety of sizes, most of which can fit on your apartment's kitchen counter.

However, air fryers are limited in how they can be used. You can't put water, cheese, wet batter, popcorn, or red meat in an air fryer. And although they're great for reheating food, it's suggested that you not try to cook raw meat in an air fryer, as the meat may not be cooked all the way through and you risk getting salmonella or food poisoning. It's also important to avoid loose items that might blow around, like crumbs or loose seasonings. And don't try to heat any liquids!

Toaster ovens

I love toaster ovens because they're as useful as toasters with even more versatility! You can use them to toast your bread and bagels, but you can also use them to melt cheese or butter, make pizza, or even bake cookies. They're great if you want to put something small in the oven but don't want to wait for your large oven to heat up. They're also often more convenient than microwaves because they apply even heat and you can use aluminum foil in them, just be careful that it's not directly touching the heating coils.

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