The neighbors at my FSU apartment are really noisy and keeping me up at night, what should I do?

Living in FSU apartments definitely has its perks – generous amenity packages, spacious units, and exciting locations make this one of the top areas for apartment living in Florida. However, Tallahassee apartment living can sometimes be challenging if you find yourself living near a disruptive neighbor. While daytime noise from walking, music, and visitors is normal inside a building with adjacent neighbors, you should not have to endure exceptionally noisy neighbors, especially at night! We know that many residents in Tallahassee have busy work and school schedules that definitely require a good night's sleep; in addition, getting enough hours of sleep is important for overall health and well-being. If you happen to encounter this issue with a noisy neighbor after your move, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the problem and maintain a comfortable living experience in FSU apartments.

FSU apartments are generally larger buildings with adjacent neighbors on multiple sides, with different layouts depending on the community. If you know that general noise from upstairs neighbors tends to bother you or keep you up at night, you can look for a unit that is on the very top floor of the building. These units come in a range of layouts and sizes to suit your needs, like one and two bedroom apartments.

Whether you have a top floor or not in FSU apartments, you may still encounter a very noisy neighbor. The first step to take is write down all the times and types of disturbances that are disrupting you. Once you have a good description, you should contact the leasing office with your concerns and documentation. They will mostly likely issue a formal warning to the individual and let them know they are disturbing their neighbors. Sometimes people can be noisy and inconsiderate to their neighbors but not realize that they are being disruptive. While some people are comfortable directly talking to their acquainted neighbors or leaving a note on the door, this can sometimes have an unintended antagonistic affect and may not always be the best choice depending on your situation.

If you contact your leasing office and this does not solve your problem, check the local noise ordinances so you have extra support for your case. Leon County has an informative document about noise ordinances available online. You can call the local police department and file a noise complaint, providing details from the notes you created. The police will most likely visit your building and check in with your neighbor(s) about the noise, warning them to keep it down in the future. This may help them change their behavior to avoid any follow-up visits from the police department!

An extra step to take while you search for apartments near FSU is to search specifically for quiet apartments. This might increase the likelihood of having neighbors that prefer quiet, private apartment living and will be less likely to disturb you.

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