What are the best breweries near my Tallahassee apartment?

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Right in the middle of all the action, YOUnion is ideally located across the street from the FSU campus and just minutes from several of Tallahassee's top breweries!

The charming city of Tallahassee is stepping up its game and embracing the rising craft beer scene – and we couldn't be more excited! Locals can quench their thirst and toast to the good times with a cold, refreshing brew from one of the Tallahassee's local breweries. Expand your palette with a variety of different ales, lagers, malts, porters, and stouts, all while cheering on your favorite sports team at the bar, challenging your friends to a round of cornhole, or sampling delicious cuisine from the local food trucks. Pets are welcome at most Tallahassee  breweries, so feel free to bring your furry, four-legged friend for an afternoon on the town.

With a selection of A+ breweries right around the corner from your Tallahassee apartment, you can easily walk, bike, or bus back to your apartment – allowing you to enjoy the day without having to worry about driving home.

Best Local Breweries Near Your Tallahassee Apartment

  1. The Tallahassee Brew Bus: Hop aboard the Tallahassee Brew Bus for a refreshing ride through the Capital City, where you'll stop for free samples and custom, behind-the-scenes tours of three local breweries. This is a great way for those new to the scene to explore some of the area's best breweries in one fell swoop – with safe and convenient transportation to each brewery. Invite your roommates or a few friends for an afternoon of fun aboard the Brew Bus – a great way to explore the city and find your new favorite brew!

  2. Lake Tribe Brewing: What began as an outdoorsy experiment among a group of craft-beer-enthusiast camping buddies quickly grew into one of Tally's most popular breweries, Lake Tribe Brewing Company. At Lake Tribe it's all about the experience, making memories and slowing down to smell the roses, so to speak. After a long week of grueling study sessions and early morning labs, spend a few hours unwinding with good friends and delicious signature beers.

  3. Ology Brewing Co.: Science is all the rave at Ology Brewing Co., where chemistry and creativity have come together to produce the perfect selection of craft beers. The brainchild of two Tallahassee scientists, Ology was born out of years of experimentation, research, and taste-testing. Here, you'll find a wide array of wild and funky flavors all named in spirit of their scientific origin. Cast your worries away with the ‘Problem Solver' or go all in with the ‘Sensory Overload'.

  4. Proof Brewery: Proof Brewery is located right across from Cascades Park less than a mile from the Florida State University campus – making it the perfect spot for students looking to blow off some steam after class. Proof Brewery, Tallahassee's first and largest independently owned brewery, spans an entire city block with an intimate tasting room, covered patio, outdoor lawn, and on-site restaurant called the Proper. Dogs are allowed outside in the beer garden (with leash), so feel free to bring your trusty sidekick, Fido, along for the fun.

  5. Grasslands Brewery: Grasslands Brewery is known for their innovate craft beers, cozy atmosphere, and rustic Southern themes. Here, you'll find more than just beer with ciders and craft sodas for those who prefer something lighter! Sip and play with a variety of board and video games for your enjoyment. Friendly dogs are also welcome in the taproom (with leash)!

  6. Deep Brewing Co.: At Deep Brewing Co. you can sip on your favorite ales and lagers while munching on tasty dishes from Tallahassee's local food trucks. The food trucks come in a rotation, so be sure to check the food truck schedule (on Deep Brewing Co.'s website) to see which delicious options will be available during your visit. Dive into a sea of possibilities at Deep Brewing Co. with a variety of locally made, thoughtfully crafted beers. Dogs are also welcome to enjoy the evening from the outdoor deck. 
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