I’ve recently been accepted to the prestigious Florida State University. What FSU apartments are nearby a wide-variety of different FSU Colleges?

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Younion apartments are just steps away from the FSU College of Law. From here you can easily walk or bike to class.

Picking which college you want to attend can be quite challenging. Whether you decide to pursue a career in the arts, study medicine, or begin your business journey, you're in luck when it comes to A+ student living in Tallahassee. With a wide-variety of apartments near FSU, students can easily customize their living experience with an apartment that matches their unique budget and lifestyle needs.

The Arts

Dance, music and art are all great ways to express yourself, but they are also colleges you can find at FSU! FSU's School of Dance has been around for over 80 years! Montgomery Hall has been transformed into a state-of-the-art facility which includes dance studios, a costume shop, black box theater and conditioning studio. This school is also home to the internationally recognized dance research center, the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography. This school offers both graduate and undergraduate programs. The best way to experience the Florida State University College of Music is with a visit. Every year this college offers about 350 concerts and productions. Students of all levels are welcome to enroll. Some of the programs include musicology, performance, music therapy and music education. The College of Fine Arts is home to various art programs, theatre, and interior architecture and design. This college offers a unique blend of visual and performing arts studios, along with performance spaces and museums. A few programs that are offered here are art, art education, and art history. Stay close to what you love with an apartment near FSU, with which you can easily walk, bike, or bus to the campus.


The FSU College of Medicine, established in 2000, is where medical students spend their first two years of med school, diving into basic science courses before being assigned to a regional medical school for clinical training. The curriculum includes multidisciplinary content, including ethics, geriatrics and diagnostic imaging. Here you can study to be a physician's assistant, earn a PhD in biomedical science or enter into a M.D. program. If being a doctor isn't your speed, be sure to check out the College of Nursing. This college, founded in 1950, has helped over 7,000 people graduate and go onto a nursing career. The college began with a traditional BSN program. Since then additional programs like an accelerated BSN program and Veterans BSN program have been added. Graduate nursing degrees are also offered. It is well known that there is a great deal of studying involved when it comes to pursuing a medical degree and many med students prefer quiet, private 1-bedroom apartments. Making sure you are close to the campus for study sessions, early morning classes, and labs is key. Check out apartments that are within walking distance of the FSU campus.

Law and Business

What better place to practice law than the capital city of Florida. The College of Law at FSU is located in the heart of downtown Tallahassee, across from the Florida Supreme Court. Living in the state's capital provides many different learning opportunities as well as chances to gain invaluable hands on experiences. Many attorneys, judges and government leaders call this city home, which is great for networking and potential internships. The FSU College of Business has 10 different undergraduate programs to choose from, including accounting, real estate, retail management, and finance. The newest addition to this college is Legacy Hall, which is expected to be completed in the summer of 2021. This building will be the largest academic space on the Florida State University campus once construction has finished. If you're a student seeking a master's program and desire a quiet place to study, be sure to look into Florida State University apartments for graduate students.

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