Where can I go to meet other college students?

College students are the commonality in the Tallahassee area. In fact, it would be a difficult task to try to not run in to a college student while visiting the area. However, the easiest way to begin meeting your new college BFF is to select to live in a TCC apartment near campus on in student housing. Student housing provides you with roommate selection so you can be paired up with a few compatible live-in friends. Student housing also tends to hold social gathers and events so you can get to know your neighbors. If you are looking to live off campus, there are plenty of places that are deemed “student area” that you can look into. Depending on what campus you attend to enroll in, select a street that is just a few miles within the campus area. Tennessee St and Appleyard street are perfect areas to meet other TCC companions. Try looking at communities in and throughout that area. Another way to meet other college students is to stop by one of their favorite eat in or watering holes. AJ’s sports bar and restaurants throughout Midtown are the hot hangout spots for the Tallahassee student community.

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