Are there any luxury student apartments near FSU?

FSU apartments come in a variety of shapes and styles. With the expansion of Florida State University, TCC and FAMU, the surrounding city has experienced a rising trend in the student population. In efforts to accommodate to the growing collegiate residents, the Southwest district of Florida's state capital have designed student living communities to cater to nearly all individuals?

Are you searching for high-end, apartment style college housing with amenities such as pools, basketball courts and tanning beds? If so, College town may be a viable place to begin your search for FSU apartments. College town Tallahassee has become a hot spot amongst students almost overnight. Located on Madison Street, this party region is near FSU and FAMU. The town has created its own entertainment district, amalgamating convenience and modern student luxury into one.

Separating itself from other student communities throughout the city, college town has branded itself with sleep industrial design embodies in a metropolitan feel.  Many students enjoy the opportunity to rent FSU apartments above their favorite coffee shop or bar.  In fact, unlike nearby properties, units in this particular area are stacked upon itself, resembling city-style living, wrap around staircase and stainless steal balconies. In addition, the town is also surrounded by a trendy atmosphere of arts and entertainment. There are over a dozen brand new living quarters, bars, and restaurants.  However, if you are hoping to be a bit further from the student district, there are a few other options as well.

On the other side of town is downtown Tallahassee. Although there may be less students in this region, properties located in downtown are known for their luxurious décor and modern designs. An added benefit to living in downtown is being able to have access to the business district along with its resort style amenities.

Thomasville is another area where students tend to take advantage of its spacious homes. Surrounded by shaded trees and plentiful parking spaces, this neighborhood is made up of a mixture of older and newer homes. However, many of these properties tend to be well maintained and renovated to include the newest appliances.

Overall, there are undoubtedly many luxury apartments near FSU when living near or around campus.  College town offers brand new living units surrounded by entertainment just three blocks away from school. Conversely, downtown is across the city but may have more resort style amenities. If you are searching for something a bit more laid back and affordable, there are plenty of options in the Thomasville area that many find to accommodate those searching for high-end homes with apartment style living.

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