Are there any places to eat near FAMU?

FAMU apartments are surrounded by entertainment and convenience. As a result of the large student population in Tallahassee, the city has expanded its district to accommodate its college residents.

Whether it be a late night snack or an early breakfast buffet, one thing that most college students have in common is their large appetites. Thus, it shouldn't be surprising to learn that the Capital city has over 441 restaurants town. From chain food dinners to one-of-a-kind foods, the FAMU region offers a variety of restaurants to curb nearly every craving.

The Southwest district of town is home to both FAMU and FSU. Although there are many apartments near FAMU throughout the neighborhoods of town, the majority of students attending the nearby schools tend to live in the Southwest wing of Tally. Subsequently, Leon County has constructed the local district to accommodate its many students residing in the one centralized region. As a result, many restaurants, shops and the likes have sprung up along the borders of student location.

Are you searching for properties near campus? If so, there are plenty of in and out places to stop in. Quiznos, Taco Bell, Subway and Church's Chicken are a few food chains that are within walking distance from class. If you are interested in staying near this area, look for communities near Ocala Road, Monroe Street and Lake Bradford Road.

If you are hoping to get out to a sit down dinner that will allow you to socialize with other students, there are plenty of college-styled restaurants and pubs near FAMU apartments.  The most popular happy hour and hangout joints where students can grab food and drinks are Po Boy's, Pot Belly's and Momo's. While these are more laid back, there are also some finer establishments near town. For example, Shula's steakhouse and Tallahassee Ale house are just around the corner.

Further from campus are more one of kind. These include organic and urban eateries such as The Grain, Cantina, Madison Social and more.  There are also frozen yogurt and coffee shops nearby. College town and mid town also have its own handful of food chains, and trendy restaurants as well.

Similar to most towns, you will find places to eat near your home within minutes and Tallahassee is no exception. If you prefer to stick near campus, there are dozens of fast food and pub-like restaurants within walking distance to the academic institution. Depending on where you decide to live, there are also small districts filled with entertainment such as college town and midtown. These districts surround their properties with nearly everything a resident needs, so that no one will ever have to leave their homes. However, if you feel like getting out for some change, downtown has plenty of places to eat at from swanky dinners to organic foods.

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