I would like to move in with a group of friends. What are the largest apartments near FSU?

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GrandMarc has some awesome larger floor plan options close to fsu.

Moving in with a group of friends can be a blessing and a curse. On the plus side, you will be spending even more time with your awesome FSU friends. On the down side, you will be spending even more time with your awesome FSU friends. While sometimes moving in with friends works out perfectly, sometimes roommates can get a little frustrated living in tiny multi-bedroom apartment where everyone is right on top of each other. Thankfully, Tallahassee has plenty of FSU apartments that offer incredibly large apartments. More space means more happiness, which can help make the experience of living with your FSU friends the fun, pleasant situation it should be.

By far, the largest apartment available near FSU is at University House. This FSU apartment complex has five bedroom apartments that apartments at other locations look like broom closets. In particular, University House has a massive five bedroom unit called the Cottage Rutherford that has 2,363 square feet, five bathrooms, and goes for just $559 per person. Simply calling the Rutherford a large apartment wouldn't be doing it justice. This apartment is more like a two-story house. It comes with a private bathroom for each resident, a huge living and dining room area, full kitchen and a balcony that is accessible to all residents of the apartment. But this University House apartment isn't just large. FSU students will be happy to hear that it comes with great features, such as: a yard, granite countertops, walk-in closets, alarm system, wood floors, washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances, and ceiling fans in every bedroom and living room. If you are looking to move in with a bunch of friends, University House is the way to go.

West 10 is another great option for FSU students looking for a large apartment to move into with friends. West 10 has a massive four bedroom floor plan that sports four bathrooms and has 1,798 square feet. If you are looking for an unfurnished room, the cost would be $529 per month. If you need furniture for your new FSU apartment, it would cost you $569 per month. This large West 10 apartment has a super spacious living and dining area, full kitchen with plenty of countertop space and cabinets, and a patio or balcony. FSU students will love the numerous apartment features that make West 10 apartments great. Some of the highlights include: an alarm system, storage space, walk-in closets, stainless steel appliances, private bathrooms, oversized tubs, and upgraded wood floors in select units. But the awesomeness doesn't end when you walk out of the door of your large apartment. West 10 has tons of great community features, too. Get some exercise at the 24-hour fitness center or indoor basketball court; relax in the resort-style pool or hot tub; or hang out with your FSU friends at the outdoor kitchen or game room.

FSU students searching for the largest apartments around should really check out Seminole Grand. Seminole Grand is a special case when it comes to large apartments in the Tallahassee area. They have a unit here aptly named Penthouse. The apartment has a total of 1,780 square feet. This may not seem like much after reading about the large University House or West 10 apartments. However, the Penthouse is only a three bedroom apartment. So, you are basically living an apartment the size of a large four bedroom, but you will only have three people living in it! The result is an incredibly large apartment that has plenty of breathing room for all its residents. The Seminole Grand Penthouse has four bathrooms, a game room, full kitchen, an incredibly huge living room, and a laundry room. Amenities include: vaulted ceilings, wood floors, private bathrooms, alarm system, extra storage space, a washer and dryer, and a dishwasher.

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