I’ll be starting school at FAMU next fall! How do I find roommates?

Moving to a new city, especially one as big as Tallahassee, can be stressful. Fortunately, there are many different ways to find awesome roommates who are looking for apartments near FAMU. Sometimes you might have close friends or mutual acquaintances from back home that you can consider living with. Think it through before making any final decisions! While living with your best friend can be a great experience, it doesn’t always work out. Everyone has different living habits and it’s crucial to establish some ground rules before any problems arise.

Looking to start fresh? Florida A&M University apartments sometimes offer a free roommate matching service! All you have to do is answer a short list of questions and the community pairs you up with other renters that have compatible lifestyles or interests! This service is easy and fast. Plus, it takes some of the pressure off of you! Maybe you like to stay up late at night studying or you like to keep your home as clean as possible. Getting matched with people who share these same habits can save you from getting annoyed in the future. You can use the Rent Tally website to find communities that offer this feature.

Social media is another amazing resource for finding potential roommates! FAMU apartments sometimes have their own Facebook pages where followers can post comments or reviews. The Florida A&M University Facebook page allows you to connect with other students. Most universities also have individual pages for each graduating class where students often post about looking for roommates or subleasing an apartment over the summer.

There are also tons of websites nowadays that provide similar roommate matching services as mentioned before. These websites list FAMU apartments in Tallahassee that have openings. Current tenants briefly describe the type of roommate that they’re looking for and provide the necessary contact information in case someone is interested. Two websites worth looking into are RoomSurf and Roomster.

Another option for finding roommates in Tallahassee would be searching through your contacts in the area. Friends or family members might know someone who is also looking for a roommate. Having mutual contacts provides a certain level of trust and there’s a good chance that you’ll have a lot in common!

When searching for apartments near Florida A&M University, make sure to ask if individual leases are offered. You should also figure out your opinion on pets. Are you allergic to cats or dogs? Do you plan on bringing a pet with you? These are things you should consider and discuss with your roommates before moving into your new home. Students and young professionals love living in Tallahassee! There are tons of opportunities and you should have no problem finding roommates before the fall semester. Start using the Rent Tally website today to narrow down your apartment search!

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