Are there student-housing areas with gated entrances?

FAMU apartments in the Tallahassee area are undoubtedly designed to specifically meet the needs of their students. From Barbeque areas, to fitness centers and coffee lounges, these living communities come in an array of community features in order to help enhance your collegiate living experience. Searching for a specific community that includes a gated entrance, is only just a simple click away. To begin your search, I would select the student-housing tab on our FAMU search page. A list of student housing areas will appear on the site. To narrow down your search to see which of these properties includes a gated entrance, select our “community features” tab. Under this tab, you can select your gated entrance preference. An entire list of student housing living areas that include the gated entrance service will appear on the page. Feel free to click on each community icon to see further details of the property. To further your search, you can use our neighborhood guide tools to find out details of the area or even read reviews on the living community you are interested in.

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