I am transferring to FSU this fall and wanted to know what traditions go on during Game Days?

Game days are a rite of passage for every Seminole. Transferring to Florida State University can be intimidating when it comes to game day traditions as everyone already seems to know what to do. However, here are some traditions to learn during FSU home games that will help you bleed Garnet and Gold.  

Top 3 FSU game-day traditions:  

Prepping for war 

As the Seminoles head into battle, it is a must that you bring your war stripes. If you didn't have time to prepare before the game, don't worry. There is a group of women called the Lady Spirit hunters that stand outside the Doak Campbell Stadium. The Lady Spirit hunters will be more than welcome to paint the stripes on your face. The lines are an essential signal of standing in solidarity with your fellow Seminoles.  

Additionally, you're going to want to learn the chants as everyone in the stadium will already know them. The passion of Seminoles can be heard with the war chant, a unanimous noise that enraptures and echoes through the stadium. The chant dates to 1984 during an FSU vs. Auburn game. Pair the war chant with the Tomahawk chop, which involves moving your forearm forward and backward with an open palm. This pair can help you spot fellow Florida State University fans anywhere in the country.  

One thing that should not catch you off guard in your first FSU game is when Chief Osceola and Renegade make their appearance on the field. The FSU student dressed as Seminole rides majestically on the Appaloosa horse through the area. He charges onto midfield and plants a spear, meaning the game has begun.   

Before the game begins:  

Gameday partying begins a day earlier for FSU fans as they leave their apartments near FSU and head downtown. The city of Tallahassee hosts the "Downtown Get down," which is a giant block party around Adams street. Every corner of downtown is packed with live music, and everywhere you step is a bar. The get down usually occurs the Friday night before a home game 

On game days, the day begins with a celebration and ends with one. Tailgating is an essential part of college football. Sitting in your Tallahassee apartment watching the game does it no justice as the energy of an FSU game can only be felt at the stadium. Tailgates encapsulate the campus with their delicious food and wild celebrations. Additionally, student apartments near the school have tailgate parties.  

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Garnet and Gold guys as they won't be hard to find. Selected by the Baptist Collegiate Ministry, these two guys rock FSU's colors in full-body glitter all football season long. It is considered a Seminole rite of passage to take a picture with them but be aware of the long lines as these dudes are famous around Tallahassee. 

After the battle: 

After a hot day in the stadium, most Seminoles head out for the town to continue the celebrations. Stuffing their faces with Tallahassee's most delicious food after a long day is the best feeling for any FSU student. Although most traditions occur before the games begin, there are a few more that are worth reading before immersing yourself into being a Seminole. College Magazine captures the top 10 best traditions at FSU. 


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