How do I know if an all-inclusive apartment in Tallahassee is right for me?

Apartment living can be expensive, unpredictable and confusing. With a population of mainly college students and young professionals, Tallahassee is no stranger to those aiming for the simplest and most cost-efficient housing option. Perhaps you've come across a listing on our website for an all-inclusive apartment, one that wraps up your rent and utilities in one bill every month, and are wondering what that means as far as cost and ease. Well, we're here to help with a few pros and cons to signing your name on the dotted line of an all-inclusive apartment in Tallahassee as well as a few tried and true tips to getting your dream apartment. 

Most of the all-inclusive apartment options in Tallahassee are leased individually, with per-bedroom leases. If you're not looking for a student-style apartment, you may want to consider this list of non-student apartments in Tallahassee. Non-student apartments typically do not include electricity with the monthly rent, but may offer included perks like high-speed internet, cable, and water.


No more bill surprises

Thanks to the flat-rate system of all-inclusive apartments, you won't be surprised by outrageous AC bills in the summer and stifling heating bills all winter. 

You'll cut down on unforeseen utility fees

With your landlord in charge of handling the utilities, you don't need to sweat about deposit or transfer fees or other possible penalties that can arise from personal management of bills. 

Full control over the thermostat

Congratulations, you are now free to set the thermostat to whatever your heart desires! Now, there's no more battling over a few degrees with the other roommates in your 3-bedroom apartment or worrying about from running the water bill up in your apartment with washer and dryer included.  


You may pay more in rent

In order to offset losses from average utility costs or administrative costs of handling utility payments, property management may increase rent costs. This is something you need to consider when choosing an all-inclusive. 

You might build some poor habits

There are many apartments in Tallahassee that don't come with an all-inclusive payment system. Should you decide to move, you may be in for a rude awakening when you no longer have the privilege of setting the AC as low as you want in the summer. 

Tips and Tricks

Read the fine print of what's included

Chat with the landlord or apartment community management about what exactly will be covered in the all-inclusive bill. Some include only rent and electricity, while others include gas, water and more. 

Ask about utility limits

Before you go haywire setting your thermostat to 40 degrees and taking daily 3-hour showers, make sure you understand if the apartment complex sets limits on your utilities. Additionally, check if there are overcharge fees if you go beyond the set amount of usage. If you're worried about overdoing it on utility usage, check out these 50 tips to cut your electric bill in half


Whether you're looking for a few less headaches or just a budget-conscious Florida transplant who needs to crank the AC to sleep soundly during the hotter months, an apartment that includes utilities is an appealing option for any renter in the complicated apartment market. But make sure you consider these pros and cons, read into what exactly will be included and you're sure to fall in love with your new home.

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