What are the benefits of living on the first floor of Tallahassee apartments?

When looking for apartments near TCC, students have many factors to consider: distance from campus, the neighborhood, and amenities like swimming pools and fitness centers, to name a few. But once the big questions are out of the way, there are still choices to make regarding your living situation, such as which floor to live on. You may think that this small decision won't make a difference in the grand scheme of things, but don't be tempted to write off the importance of choosing your floor. Rather than leaving it up to chance, this article will show you the benefits of living on the first floor of TCC apartments, and why you should request an apartment on the first floor every time.

Easy access for class at Tallahassee Community College

To start with, living on the first floor means that you will have easy access out of your apartment; no climbing any stairs or taking the elevator. This means that in case of an emergency, you can be sure to be the first person out of the building. This also means that when you're running late for class or any other function, you can easily rush out the door to get to Tallahassee Community College as quickly as possible. If you're someone who often loses track of time, this could be a life saver. Check out this article for tips on how to manage chronic lateness.


Not having to take the stairs or elevator can also be beneficial to people with pets who often have to take them out, people with mobility issues that have a hard time getting up to higher floors, and people with hobbies that require equipment they have to bring in and out of their apartment, such as sports, photography, film or art. If none of this applies to you, consider what you would do in the event that the elevator breaks down, you have a heavy garbage bag to take out, or you're bringing in a large load of groceries. The convenience of not having to use the stairs extends to many aspects of a busy Tallahassee Community College student's life. 

Additionally, having easy and quick access to your apartment makes it easier to move in. No lugging bulky furniture up the stairs or trying to fit unwieldy objects in the elevator; you can simply bring in all your belongings right through the front door. Naturally, this also applies to when it's time to move out of TCC apartments.

Lower utility bill and expenses

Keeping your home cool can put a lot of stress on your utility bill, especially in the Florida heat. The convenient thing about living on the first floor is that heat rises, so lower floors stay cooler in the summer than higher floors, allowing you to save money when it comes to air conditioning.

Another note about expenses is that some apartment complexes will lease out rooms seen as less desirable on a discount. If you're willing to sacrifice the top-story view that higher floors can have, this may mean that you get a better price for an apartment on the first floor of your building.

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