I am looking to get more involved in the community and help people in need. What are some great volunteering opportunities near Tallahassee apartments?

Whether you are looking to support a great cause, need services hours for school or work, or are looking to reach out to a specific organization for local Tallahassee volunteering opportunities, there are plenty of options to choose from. Not only is giving up your time and (sometimes) your money fulfilling, but it also helps someone who might not be in the best position either financially or physically to help themselves.

Donating clothes after you've cleaned them in your apartment with a washer and dryer included, making food in your Tallahassee apartment kitchen to give to shelters or homeless individuals on the street, and donating money to charities are all great at-home volunteering opportunities.

There's no better way to give back to your community and be an upstanding citizen demonstrating deep care for the people around you. Plus, there are many useful ways you can give back to the community from the comfort of your own home. If you prefer to do the volunteering on your own without an organization, that's okay too. In this article, however, I will introduce multiple opportunities for in-person-only volunteering close to apartments in Tallahassee.

Big Bend Homeless Coalition

This organization helps anyone in the Tallahassee area without a home or safe and stable place to live. The opportunities include feeding families in a cafeteria or soup kitchen, cleaning up trash in the local area, donating books to create a free library, and running children's activities for homeless children. People willing to volunteer aren't just helping homeless children and their families, they are also helping veterans and senior citizens without homes too!

The Oasis Center for Women and Girls

This non-profit organization helps females in the Tallahassee community get access to affordable counseling, Single Moms support groups, and educational presentations for girls' rights and education. Some ways to support the organization include monetary donations, cleaning their community center, donating toys and dinner for the children of single moms, and hosting an event to spread their message of inclusivity, and accessibility of goods, and services for women in need. If you live at a Tallahassee apartment in the 32304 area, this could help women you know personally get on their feet and improve their lives and their children's lives forever.

Leon County Humane Society

Dogs and cats who need homes and were abused, abandoned, or have special needs are taken care of by this loving organization. Multiple ways to help the people working at their main office include helping take care of newborn kittens, fostering kittens on your own time, cleaning and maintaining the office building and surrounding premises, donating food and other pet supplies, and acting as an administrative assistant in their main office by answering phones and filing the necessary paperwork. Who knows? Maybe you'll even find a furry friend and take them back to your apartment in Tallahassee!

If you are a student and live in a student apartment with people you know need service hours, getting as many people as you can to participate in the volunteering opportunities with you is easy and will help the community even more.

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