My car is pretty much my life. How do I find apartments near FAMU with car wash centers?

I can't say that I really understand how cars work, but that makes them all the more amazing. I definitely can feel the need to keep your car clean while you're living in FAMU apartments - especially if it's your life! There's no need to let your need for speed (or just need for easy transportation) to go without a good cleaning so long as you stick with We'll help you find apartments near FAMU that have the kind of car wash center to keep both you and your car happy.

First things first, you need to head over to the homepage. You can go through all the other cool stuff there later; right now, you're on the hunt for the big, red button that says "Find Your Apartment" - you won't have to hunt too hard. Once you click it, you'll be transported to the apartment guide. This will show you dozens of FAMU apartments with hundreds of options to play with. Don't feel overwhelmed, though; this is how you find your perfect place to call home, after all. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page until you see the option that says "Community Features." Click the blue, plus sign next to it, and a drop down menu will appear. From your different options here, you'll want to select the "Yes" button for "On-Site Car Wash Center." This will cause your search to automatically refine itself so that you only see the apartments near FAMU that also have the car wash facilities that'll make you and your car beam.

If you like to live near a car wash center rather than take care of it yourself on-site at one of the FAMU apartments, that makes sense too - personally, I'm not a fan of car washing, especially in the crazy Florida heat. We can help you take care of that as well. Make your way back to the main page and click that button you discovered before - you know which one I'm talking about. When you're taken to the apartment guide this time, look for the tab that says "Distance From a Location." When you click the plus sign here, it will give you the option to put in the address of your favorite car care center. Then, adjust the distance anywhere from 0 to 50 miles. The search then adjusts to only include apartments near FAMU that are also near your location. Both you and your car can look good and feel good with that kind of ease!

Florida weather and bugs cannot be the kindest to car, so it's important to take care of a machine you're using every day. Fortunately, you've got plenty of options for FAMU apartments that will allow for you and your car to feel right at home. All you have to do is use to find them!

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