How do I stay organized with laundry in apartments near FAMU?

Getting tired of messy piles, missing clothes and all the other hassles of having disorganized laundry? Moving to FAMU apartments can be a great way to get a fresh start on maintaining a clutter and stress-free environment, particularly when it comes to your wardrobe. If you need more space to create an effective plan, look for apartments near FAMU with walk-in closets or extra storage space to maximize your success! If you're not sure exactly what unit amenities you need, this guide may help you figure out some additional features that you'd prefer to have in FAMU apartments.

What are my options for doing laundry in FAMU apartments?

One of the first steps to laundry organization is deciding on what type of laundry access you prefer. For example, many apartments near FAMU come with a washer and dryer. This means that the unit will have a separate space for these appliances, making it easy to take care of laundry right inside your home. Other communities will include washer/dryer hookups for residents who plan to purchase their own appliances. In addition, some FAMU apartments offer laundry facilities for resident use located within the community. While this will require a short walk with a laundry bin, it may be more in line with some residents' preferences and budget.

What are some useful tips for laundry organization?

The most effective way of doing laundry starts with prepping your clothes even before you toss them in the washer. Have two separate bins for whites and colors is a good way to ensure you don't damage any clothes while quickly sorting through everything later. Wash delicate clothing, like special fabrics and items with loose parts, in laundry-safe bags with the proper settings on both the washer and dryer. In addition, make sure you pay close attention to tag labels for instructions. Some items should only be hand-washed or air-dried, while other items may bleed dye easily and should be washed on their own. To avoid the temptation of overloading your washer, try to keep tabs on your growing pile of clothes and toss them in as soon as you have enough for a reasonable load. For more reading, check out Martha Stewart's tips for perfect laundry each time.

What are some tips on sharing laundry appliances in FAMU apartments with roommates?

If you plan on living with roommates in a unit with a washer and dryer included, there are a few steps you can take to avoid any tension and maintain goodwill. Make sure to have a conversation with your roommates about laundry practices. For example, would it be acceptable to take someone else's load out of the dryer and place it somewhere if they are not at home? Are the appliances too loud to run at night when others are sleeping? Additionally, a good rule to follow is doing your laundry gradually, rather than several loads at once. This gives your roommates the chance to wash their clothes in a timely manner and not have to wait for many hours to pass.

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