Can I live downtown while going to TCC?

TCC apartments are found in a variety of locations throughout Tallahassee, however, most of these communities are located in the Southwest district of the city.

While attending Tallahassee Community College, students are afforded the privilege to choose where they would like to live. Tallahassee is geographically very small and a result one can practically travel throughout most places in town in just a few minutes. The main question you must determine is whether downtown Tally meets your expectations and needs.

Downtown's vibe is mixed throughout its archaic architecture and neo urbanization. With the Capital building parked in the center of town, many are naturally attracted to the region. Downtown Tallahassee is known to be a slightly faster pace than the surrounding areas of the city. Although the district has experience an expanding and modernizing growth over the last few years, this precinct remains to reflect its southern charm throughout its borders.

Less students live in this part of Leon County. The population here is generally made up of graduated and business professions. Many of the residents tend to rent places in high-rise building and opt to walk to and from work. It is not uncommon, however, to see students throughout this area. TCC apartments are only a short five- minute drive from downtown and older students find the luxury and modern aromas of this location to be quite appealing, especially when looking to intern or land a job.

Traffic can sometimes become a challenge if you plan on commuting to TCC from the business district of town. Rush hour does create congestion throughout the 9am and 5pm hours.

If you plan on renting a unit in downtown, you will find that they do differ you're your typical TCC apartments. As previously mentioned, dwellings located near the Capitol do tend to be more expensive. The homes are newer, more modern, upscale and luxurious. Many units come equipped with the highest amenities ranging from designated parking garages to roof top pools and city views. Although rent prices can fluctuate depending on what type of floor plan you prefer, you can expect to pay more here than in the Southwest “student” district of the city.

There are benefits that come along with living outside of the college area. If you are looking for a job, there is plenty of opportunities downtown. This district is filled with restaurants, bars, government buildings, banks and more. Most places are within walking distance from Tallahassee apartments here and so many find that they are able to save gas money or even go without a vehicle. This region is also distinctly separated from the college life that lives near the universities. You will experience and more independent and professional atmosphere here.

The major downside specifically evolves around pricing. Many students are limited to a tight budget and find that homes near campus are much more affordable.

Surely there are little limitations keeping a student from living in downtown while attending the nearby community college. The major things to look out for are higher rent prices and traffic. The commute will be longer than living just across the street from school but you may be closer to work and have more opportunity when living next to future employment companies.


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