Where should I look to find luxury apartments in Tallahassee?

Are you searching for apartments in Tallahassee that are designed with comfort in mind? Living without worry can often create a life style of ease. If you are hoping to surround yourself with resort style amenities, then renting luxury apartments may satisfy your expensive taste.

Tallahassee apartments come in a variety of types to accommodate to nearly every individual. With both FSU,FAMU and the Capital building located in the heart of town, much of the surrounding areas offer a mix of living styles and types.

Contrary to its population, the actual size of the city is not very large. Much of the County is made up of the University areas. As a result, a large portion of Tallahassee is catered to his massive student population. That nice market, however, does not necessarily limit your ability to find a suitable luxury unit within the capital city.

Unlike most cities, Tallahassee apartments are located throughout its entirety. If you are in search of Tallahassee apartments newly built and catered towards class, you may want to begin your search in downtown. Tallahassee apartments in downtown are more modern, updated and focused on enhancing the lives of its tenants. In downtown, you will find high end, urbanized units with sleek designs, roof top lounges and granite counter tops. These types of floor plans provide much more privacy that is limited in the Southwest district of the city.

The downside to living in this part of the city are the rent prices that correlate with it. When living in a luxury home, pricier rent is expected. That being said, expect to may double or even triple the amount of rent each month in comparison to the surrounding communities. Rentals in this region are also vulnerable to a fair amount of traffic. Downtown Tallahassee is the business district of the county. Therefore, drive with caution throughout rush hour if you plan on leaving the neighborhood. Parking may also become a nuisance in the event that your property does not offer garages or designated parking spots. Street parking is often hard to come by.

Just Northeast of Thomasville is another viable community that houses luxury apartments in Tallahassee. These units are mixed in with family-friendly suburbs and can be slightly more affordable than homes in downtown. The precinct offers plenty of shaded spaces, parks, sidewalks and handfuls of local restaurants.

If you are hoping to be located just near the college district, there are upscale rentals suited for students. Most of the properties near the campuses are newer and quite modern. Some buildings include brand new computer centers, game rooms, cabanas, tanning beds and car washing stations. These types of floor plans are very affordable but may be difficult to come by.

In sum, there are several distinct areas with Tallahassee where you can successfully search for upscale units. Although downtown will have the most options, there are also choices near Thomasville and the college district.


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