How do I keep my FSU apartment in excellent condition when cleaning?

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Shared spaces like Heritage Grove can make it a bit tougher to keep the kitchen clean.

Most residents look forward to starting fresh in a new place that is clean and clear of clutter. Maintaining that look, however, requires a regular cleaning schedule and attention to detail. While typical cleaning tasks like laundry, dishes, vacuuming and wiping down counters are easy tasks to remember, there are a few cleaning responsibilities that are not as visible and easy to overlook, especially in larger Florida State University apartments with 4 or more bedrooms. Over time, they can build up, become more visible and cause additional problems if they are ignored for too long. For a few tips on how to keep your FSU apartment in excellent shape.

What are some things I may forget to clean in FSU apartments?

Certain areas that are out in the open, like carpets, counters and tables, tend to be cleaned most frequently. Other spots, like crevices between counter tops and refrigerators, can be easily missed. While these areas may not be immediately visible to visitors and therefore not a priority, ignoring the buildup of food and other debris can lead to pest problems and even unpleasant smells. Some FSU apartments have pest control available if you are afraid of running into these issues.

Since it can be frustrating to stop and clean these areas during regular cleaning times, it may be a good idea to set aside some time just for this task. A few tips for getting in tough spaces include:

Reach: The most frustrating part about cleaning tight spaces is not being able to reach all the way through. You can purchase special cleaning tools that help you get in difficult spots, or you can even make your own tools if you're feeling creative.

Vacuum: Don't forget that some vacuums come with attachments that allow extra reach in smaller spaces. If you find that this cleaning task is very tedious for you, invest in a good vacuum with higher suction power to help you clean these spots efficiently and quickly.

Awareness: If you want to reduce the frequency of cleaning these areas, you can avoiding some build up by being extra aware and careful when cooking and placing food on the counter. For unavoidable spots like the area between the stove and counter, consider placing something like a counter spill guard available online or at home improvement stores.

Another big cleaning task that tends to be overlooked is dusting. This means shelves, blinds, ceiling fans and other spots that tend to accumulate dust quickly. This is another cleaning task that is easy to ignore until it gets really bad! If you find yourself forgetting to dust until it gets very bad, try to set a reminder on your phone or calendar to keep yourself on track.

How do I keep myself motivated to clean in FSU apartments?

When you first move into FSU apartments, think about how great it feels to live in a nice, clean space. Think about ways to making cleaning more fun, like playing music and rewarding yourself for completed tasks. Keep in mind that cleaning should not take all day and leave you feeling exhausted. A regular cleaning schedule can take just a few minutes out of your day rather than cleaning a huge mess after avoiding it for long periods of time. This Huffington Post article has some clever life hacks to "trick" you into cleaning and organizing your place.


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