What are some tips for having a pet cat in Tallahassee apartments?

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Finding a new apartment can mean finding the best place for your pet to live, too! Many apartments in Tallahassee are pet friendly, which typically includes at least cats and dogs with varying requirements on breed, size and amount. Residents who own a cat or plan to adopt one in the future can also look specifically for cat friendly apartments to find the best fit Tallahassee apartments. If you're new to owning a cat or want to make sure you put your best foot forward during the move, the tips below should help you plan for keeping a pet cat while renting.

What should I expect when looking for a cat friendly apartment?

The most important thing to remember is that all communities are different when it comes to fees, requirements and restrictions regarding pets. For example, some Tallahassee apartments only require a one-time pet fee that typically applies to each cat. Other communities include a pet fee that is added to the rent check each month as long as the resident keeps a pet in the unit. Budgeting for this fee is a good idea before choosing a new place to live.

Additionally, most Tallahassee apartments have limits on the number of animals per unit, the most common being 1-2 cats. However, it is possible to find a community that is more flexible. If you plan to adopt additional cats, make sure to discuss lease terms with your landlord before making this commitment. Being forthcoming and straightforward with your landlord can help foster a trusting relationship that is helpful when bringing pets into apartments.

What are some tips for keeping cats in Tallahassee apartments?

While things don't always work out the way you expect with a new cat or relocating a cat, taking the time to plan and prepare yourself can make a huge impact on both pet and resident experience! If you already own a cat, think about what comforts, scares and amuses your pet. Cats that are easily startled and prefer safe zones will appreciate hidden cat condos and dark nooks for safety and comfort, especially right after the move. Leaving your anxious cat without any hiding spots can lead to bad behavior and an upset attitude.

If you'd like your cat to have access to fresh air and outdoors while staying safe, consider finding Tallahassee apartments with screened patios or balconies. It can be a good idea, however, to supervise your cat and make sure they do not tear through or damage your screen. Keeping a few scratching posts and comfortable cat furniture on the patio can deter this behavior.

When introducing your cat inside your new apartment, you may want to start out with a single room and expand the cat's space slowly. The bedroom is a great place to start, especially since you will be sleeping there and keeping your cat company. Make sure your cat has easy access and a direct view of the litterbox, as well as food and water dishes. You can request calming products from your vet, like Feliway, to give your cat a little extra help. Feliway also has an informative article on moving with a cat.

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