What are some great spots for book lovers near Tallahassee apartments?

While shopping for books online can be convenient and easy, sometimes nothing beats the mood and atmosphere of a good local bookstore, and you'll find a few local favorites near apartments in Tallahassee. Whether you're looking for supplemental reading for school or just reading for enjoyment, you'll have access to a great selection of shops in the area. Apartments in Tallahassee are close to several bookstores and community libraries that will give book lovers the opportunity to browse in person and pick out the next exciting read. Check out some of the best destinations for books below.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers

This familiar chain is located north of Florida State University and is a favorite destination for Tallahassee residents. One of the benefits of shopping at a larger chain like Barnes & Noble is the range of products offered in addition to books, comics and magazines. Other items, like calendars, gadgets, toys and reading accessories, make great holiday and birthday gifts. Additionally, Barnes & Noble has an internal café which serves Starbucks coffee and delicious snacks, like desserts, sandwiches and chips.

My Favorite Books

For a more local experience, head to My Favorite Books on Timberland Road just off of I-10. Hailed as one of the best hidden gems in the city, this enchanting little bookshop is a haven for book lovers looking for that classic reading atmosphere. The shop carries used books, audiobooks, CDs, movies and video games. In addition, you can find a large child-friendly section that stocks a myriad of fun books for children. My Favorite Books is a useful destination for finding out-of-print and older books that would not be typically stocked at a chain store.

Renting Books

Want something to read but don't want to commit and buy? Tallahassee has a variety of local libraries that make reading easy and free. There are many locations available throughout the city, like Northeast Branch Library located near downtown or LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library near Florida State University campus. Students can also access the many Florida State University Libraries for rentable textbooks and class resources. If you truly need a quiet area to read, libraries are the best option when compared to bookshops, as they are more likely to have low-noise areas and rooms for reservation. Some of the Florida State University libraries, for example, have designated rooms for study groups and meetings.

What are some tips for reading and relaxing in Tallahassee apartments?

Dedicated book lovers may want to look for a few apartment amenities that can provide the ultimate reading experience. Garden-style apartments or apartments with pools are great choices for residents who enjoy reading outside. Look for apartment layouts that feature reading nooks and large windows to create the ideal reading spot on rainy days. For a more authentic feel, add a comfy sofa chair, side table and decorative bookshelf to help you kick back and relax. If you plan on living with roommates and are sensitive to noise, you may want to invest in noise-cancelling headphones so that you can read at any time without disturbances.

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