I love Florida in the fall and winter! Are there any apartments near FAMU with balconies or patios?

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Go ahead and relax on your FAMU apartment patio or balcony...you deserve it!

Ah, there's something unique about soaking up the sunshine in the middle of December, while all of your pals up north shovel snow and bundle up in layers. While Florida does have its chillier days, those are nothing compared to the blizzards and below-freezing temperatures of our northern neighbors. This is why so many people choose to reside in our temperate climate and why so many apartments near Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University come with a patio or balcony for their residents to enjoy.

Apartments near FAMU with a balcony or patio offer a little extra space for an outdoor oasis. With so many options, this outdoor haven can offer a little piece of solace in the middle of the city. Go ahead and practice your green thumb skills and plant a garden on your balcony! With Florida's terrific weather, growing herbs, vegetables or flowers should be fairly easy for even the most amateur of gardeners. This outdoor space will be a huge perk for you and will provide a great activity as well as a peaceful environment for you to escape to. Serving a romantic candlelit dinner for two on your patio or inviting friends over for an outdoor game of cards are other ways to enjoy your space. Sometimes, even just curling up with a book on your balcony for some outdoor solo time is all you need for a quick recharge!

FAMU apartments with a patio or balcony can be a great addition to your new home if you have a furry friend you're bringing with you. Having a patio makes it very easy to take care of your dog and gives them an outdoor space to stretch out a bit. Cats especially like balconies, since they like having a height advantage over anything they look down onto. Imagine Mr. Fluffy enjoying the North Florida wildlife with you're busy studying for your big exam. However, just because potential apartments may have a balcony or patio, that does not necessarily mean they are pet-friendly. Be sure to check with the community's office before you sign a lease on what their pet policies are.

Apartments near FAMU with balconies or patios offer an additional space for you to flex your creative muscle. There are so many different varieties of outdoor furniture and decorations to choose from when furnishing this outdoor space. There are so many online sources with outdoor decorating tips and tricks that will transform your space into a work of art. However, before making any adjustments or drilling any holes into walls, be sure to check with your office first on what their decorating and modification policies are.

FAMU apartments with a patio or balcony can range anywhere from very affordable to high-end luxury communities. If you're attending Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in Tallahassee and are in search of housing with an outdoor space, there is sure to be an apartment that perfectly fits your lifestyle and budget!

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