Can I find a Tallahassee apartment with a big kitchen?

Your kitchen can be a big factor in deciding how much you love your Tallahassee apartment. Your kitchen is where you prepare meals for yourself, your family, and your guests. It's the part of you home where you make foods to nourish your body, and comfort your cravings. It's the place to smell cookies baking, and hear the smoke alarm go off (well, I'm sure this has happened to you, because it sure has happened to me!).

The kitchen can make or break your home. Apartments are not exactly known to have large kitchens as a general rule, but there are certainly exceptions! Architects are starting to get that some people need more room to cook and store cooking items. And thus, there are some Tallahassee apartments that offer you a kitchen large enough to hold your food, your plates, your pans, you coffee maker, and you.

The UH Retreat has 16 floor plans. With that many options, it is no surprise that many of their floor plans offer good-sized kitchens. These are a great option for students looking for a large kitchen in their Tallahassee apartment. The Verandas at Southwood include a kitchen pantry in most units – a great way to maximize the space in your kitchen. The Paddock Club offers Gourmet Kitchens and pantries also. These are definitely not the only Tallahassee apartments with larger kitchens, but they are a good place to start.

For more help in your search, start here. This is our unique search tool, which allows you to decide what you are looking for in an home, and not have to wade through the rest. If you want to save some time in your search, I recommend that you give this page a try.

When it comes down to it, you have to remember that Tallahassee apartments are not going to be as large as kitchens you see featured in Better Homes and Gardens or on HGTV. Apartments are made to be smaller than homes – that's just the way it is. And for many people, living in smaller spaces works. There are many ways to maximize the amount of space that you have, making it unnecessary for you to have a huge kitchen.

One thing I have done is to buy a large armoire-type piece of furniture. I store my dishes in this in the dining room. This allows me to have plenty of space in the kitchen for food and cooking items. In the past, I have also used a large end table to put the microwave on, freeing up more counter space. Some other tips that I know work for others is to add hooks and shelves to store pots, pans, cups, and other things. This will of course depend on if you are allowed to put holes in your wall.

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