Do you have any tips on bedroom furniture placement in FSU apartments?

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Players Club's bedrooms come fully furnished, so you won't have to worry about bringing your own bedroom set!

If you've never given much thought to carefully arranging your bedroom furniture to make the most of your space, now is the time to start! FSU apartments will give you the perfect foundation to create the bedroom of your dreams. You'll be able to come up with the ideal layout for your lifestyle, transforming your environment into an accessible, comfortable, and stylish living space. Apartments near FSU also close to some of the most popular stores for bedroom furnishings, such as Ashley Furniture, Target, Wal-Mart, and some exceptional thrift and antique stores for truly unique décor items. Whether you prefer a sleek modern look or a traditional, old-style environment, you'll be able to find bedroom furnishings near FSU apartments and arrange them in strategic, effectual ways.

One of the first steps when arranging the furniture in FSU apartments is finding a good spot for your bed. If you have a larger bed, make sure you place in it a spot that will still leave enough room for any other furnishings, like a dresser, bookshelf, TV stand, and desk. You may also want to acquire a bed frame to give you extra storage space underneath the bed. This spot is also a favorite for pets – you can find several great pet-friendly communities near FSU! Apartments in FSU often include a large window inside the bedroom, so you will need to consider the length and size of the window. Some residents prefer to sleep by the window and enjoy the nature views in the morning or night. You can always add some opaque curtains over the blinds for extra privacy when you need it. Colorful curtains with patterns are a great way to accessorize your bedroom with your favorite color scheme. If it's important for you to always get a good night's sleep, you can find many quiet apartments in this area.

FSU apartments residents who are students or spend a lot of time on the computer will want to place their bedroom desk in an optimal spot for working or gaming. If there is a computer on your desk, make sure you place the monitor facing away from the window to avoid screen glare. This can also be solved with a good set of curtains. Items like a dresser, TV stand, or bookshelf should be arranged in a way to give you enough space to get out of bed and not stub your toe in the middle of the night! It's best to give yourself at least three to four feet of space on all sides of your bed.

If you have all the furniture you need for apartments near FSU, then you're all set! However, don't forget to check out some of the fantastic thrift and antique shops in the area for good deals on bedroom furniture. While you can always find newer items, older items can easily be revamped and improved with some sanding and a paint job. To preview the layout of your new bedroom, click on the floor plans & pricing section of a community page on our website.

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