I'm working on my spring break plans - are there any beaches near FSU apartments?

Spring break is quickly approaching, and it's time to start making plans! You should start looking forward to heat waves, beautiful sunny skies, and cool evenings, especially if you're in Florida's panhandle attending FSU. Whether you're on break for spring or summer, Florida's panhandle is infamous for its white sandy beaches, beautiful scenery and crazy spring break destinations. If you don't mind the drives, why not plan on hitting one the next time you catch a break from your studies! FSU, located in Tallahassee, isn't far off from some of Florida's most beautiful beaches.

If you've grown tired of your FSU apartment pool, give these beaches a try next weekend!:

St. George Island

Just an hour and 37 minutes away is St. George Island. St. George is a small paradise on a barrier island, surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Apalachicola Bay. Enjoy white-sand beaches and soothing ocean waves. You can even camp at the State Park and spend your weekend in all the uncongested natural beauty St. George Island has to offer.

Panama City Beach

The next closest beach is Panama City Beach. Two hours and two minutes away taking the FL-20 W, Panama City Beach is a super popular destination for spring breakers coming from out of state and all over Florida. MTV used to host their MTV Spring Break Week here, too! There's a Spring Break 5K and tons of other events throughout the year for you to enjoy. This beach town offers great fun for young people to enjoy their time and to create memories that last a lifetime.

Destin Beach

The farthest but a personal favorite of mine, is Destin Beach. From FSU, it takes two hours and a half to arrive to this absolutely stunning beach. Home of author John Grisham, this beautiful white beach with emerald waters is the perfect destination to take a break and rest up. Enjoy some prime fishing or scan the beach for beautiful sand dollars. Why not spend your weekend sinking your toes into the soft sands and catching some rays?


Travel two and a half hours from Tallahassee straight across I-10 and you'll reach Seaside, a charming town along 30A. This area is a popular destination for lovers of farmers markets and foodies alike, with many restaurants, local shops, and a farmer's market to explore in the cute town.

St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge

About 30 miles south, or a 50 minute drive from the heart of Tallahassee, you'll find St. Mark's lighthouse at the National Wildlife Refuge. This isn't your typical panama city party beach, but instead a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy some of Florida's b est nature. The beach is known for housing endangered whooping cranes, and activities like biking and six wade fishing. If you're looking for a relaxing weekend exploring coastal habitats such as sltwater marshes, small islands, and tidal creeks, take a trip to St. Mark's National Wildlife Rescue.

Life in a student apartment near FSU can get stressful sometimes – you deserve a break! Even if you can't make it to the beach, apartments near FSU can help you relax, too. Apartments near FSU feature resort style pools, hot tubs and even cabanas. Here at RentTally, we can help you find apartments near FSU that provide you with that perfect little retreat for you to decompress after those long days of school, work and studying.

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