I want to be far away from the college feel of the town. Where is a good place I can live?

Although Tallahassee if a very small city in comparison to other cities you may have lived or traveled to, the city does include areas that have the ability to make you feel as though you are far from the collegiate lifestyle you once lived. Downtown Tallahassee may be a viable candidate for you to find a suitable living space. Encompassed with a lively, and fast-paced living style, this area is filled with young business professionals and congressman. Northeast Tallahassee is where most families tend to find comfort. This area, which nestles between Thomasville Road and and I-10, is one of the city’s oldest residential areas. Northeast Tallahassee comes suited with the tranquility of trees and highly ranked grade schools. Although finding a Tallahassee apartment in this area may mean choosing an older model, this area is promising in keeping privacy from the college town. Another residential area that may meet your requirements is Northwest Tallahassee. This area, which is closer to downtown, is known for its rural landscapes. Although this area is predominately populated with an older generation, being surrounded by Lake Jackson, and local shopping is a benefit to this more affordable area.

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