I am attending FSU and want to live alone, what affordable options are there?

Some of us may have had bad roommate experiences, or may just prefer our own solitude. Whatever the case, there are plenty of apartments near FSU that offer single resident housing. If you are like me however, you will be looking into living somewhere that is more affordable.

Single housing can be expensive, considering you won't have any other roommates to split the cost with you. If having your own place is important to you however, there are some good options for affordable single housing. Let's take a look at one of these affordable FSU apartments you may want to consider.

Campus Walk Apartments is a complex located in Southwest Tallahassee just north of the FSU campus, allowing residents to walk or bike to their classes. The complex is pet friendly as well as handicap accessible. There is some variety in how long you can commit to live here, ranging from six to twelve months which is great for students only attending FSU for one semester.

Single housing in Campus Walk Apartments is extremely generous when compared to some other apartments near FSU. Living on your own here will cost around five-hundred dollars, depending on if you want your unit to be furnished or not. Some utilities are also included in the rent, such as cable TV, water, and trash removal. The complex is also a proponent of green living, and uses low energy lighting to keep costs down for you and the environment.

The single room floor plans of this complex have a great amount of space considering their low price. The entire unit is 600 square feet, which encompasses a dining area, living area, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. The closet in the room is a walk-in closet, providing more than sufficient space for any and all storage. The entire unit is also fully air conditioned and comes with a refrigerator in the kitchen.

Despite its affordability, Campus Walk Apartments also provides some great community amenities that match up to some of the more expensive FSU apartments in the area. There are organized resident activities, which can help you meet some of the people living in the community. There is also a club house, where residents can go to watch TV such as popular sporting events. There is even pool, community BBQ grills, and a picnic area for you to utilize during your leisure time.

Campus Walk Apartments is just one of the great FSU apartments that you have to choose from. It offers some efficiently spacious single housing for a very generous price, in addition to being close to campus and having some great complex features and amenities. It is definitely a complex that you should consider in your search for a new home.

Make sure to look at some of the other great apartments near FSU, in order to make proper comparisons to find the right place for you and your lifestyle. If you need any help sorting through all the different options, you can check out our search engine on Renttally. With the proper research and our help, you can find the perfect place to live out the coming semester.

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