What TCC apartments have appliance stocked kitchens?

If you have ever heard of the freshmen fifteen, then you know the stories about how many people gain weight by going to college. Whether you are living in TCC apartments or in the dorms, many people do not have the equipment to take control of the food they are ingesting. The last thing you need to add onto the stress of school is the stress of having bad health.

It's important for your body to get the right nutrients at the right time in order to function properly. If you are looking to take control of your health, then you should be looking into what apartments come with good kitchen appliances. There are plenty of apartments near TCC that come with stocked kitchens to help you have more control over what you eat. Let's take a look at one of them.

West 10 is an apartment complex located in Southwest Tallahassee. It is both within biking and walking distance, with public transportation available. There is also parking included if you choose to bring your own vehicle.

West 10 is also one of the TCC apartments that offers a large variety of floor plan options from one to four people. It can come either fully furnished or unfurnished depending on what you and your roommates decide. The units are centrally air conditioned and made up of both carpeting and wood floors. Each unit also comes with a porch or balcony that residents can utilize any time.

Now let's talk about the kitchen, which is the main reason West 10 stands out from some other apartments near TCC. The kitchen in the unit is very open, being a sectionalized part of both the living and dining area within the unit. There is plenty of counter space, and no wall to block your view of the living area in case you are cooking for friends that are over.

The kitchen really stands out in this complex because of all the great appliances that come with it. The unit has a dishwasher, which can be a lifesaver, especially if you are looking to cook all of your meals. If your roommates cook as well then cleaning the dishes can become a much bigger deal, so having a dishwasher is a great asset.

There is also a garbage disposal, which is just a useful tool in general for any peeling or washing you may have to do in the sink. West 10 kitchen's also come with a microwave, which is the best solution for leftovers and any quick meals. Students live fast-paced lives and might not always have the time to cook a fresh meal, so having a microwave becomes a must. In addition, the kitchen comes with an oven for standard cooking as well as a refrigerator for storing food.

Overall if you want to take control of your eating, then you need a kitchen that will help you do that. West 10 is a great option for having a fully stocked kitchen, and comes with other great features and amenities which I did not go over. Look into this complex and others in order to find the right apartment to fit your lifestyle while you attend TCC. If you need any help sorting through all the different TCC apartments, make sure to utilize our search engine right here at Renttally.

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