Tallahassee Moving Checklist

Congratulations! You are now ready to move into your new apartment. Use our checklist to make sure your move goes smoothly and is stress free.

  • Set the date. When deciding on a date to move, make sure that it is convenient to your schedule. If you need movers or people to help, be sure to line them up ahead of time so there won't be any issues on the day of the move. If your schedule permits, moving during the week as opposed to the weekend will cut down on crowds and help to make the day less stressful.
  • Boxes and such. Once you know you are moving, start asking around at your local stores for different sized boxes. You can purchase boxes, but it's much more cost effective to go around and get them from free. If you are using a moving company, be sure to check with them if boxes are included with their fee or if you need to provide your own. Along with boxes, check out your local electronic and furniture stores to pick up bubble wrap and foam to pack fragile items.
  • Make sure you have enough time. The biggest stressor when moving is not giving yourself enough time to organize and pack your belongings. On average its takes about a month to pack up a house and about 5 hours to pack up a dorm room. Depending on how much stuff you have, be sure to set aside enough time to get everything organized and packed up before moving day.
  • Where do you want it? It is very important to have a plan when packing. The last thing you want to do is throw everything into a bunch of boxes and not know where anything is. One trick is to stick to packing up one room at a time, and label boxes with what type of items they contain. If the boxes are marked, it will be much easier for you to let the movers know where to put everything… which will make it easier for you when you start unpacking.
  • You've got mail. Once you know the address of your new apartment, be sure that you start the process of forwarding your mail. Refer to our forward your mail to your apartment guide for additional details.
  • Set up Utilities. The quicker you get your utilities setup the more comfortable you will be. An apartment with no cable or internet is no fun. Check out our page set up utilities for Tallahassee apartments for tips and contact information when setting up utilities in your new apartment.
  • Move- in Inspection. If your apartment requires a move- in inspection be sure to take is seriously. Go through each item on the checklist in each room of the apartment. Be honest about any damage you see or anything that looks questionable. In most cases, this is the same form the apartment will use when determining if you get your security deposit back, so make sure any damage is clearly indicated on the form.

With a little bit of planning, moving in to your new Tallahassee apartment can be a stress free experience. Welcome home!

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