Setting Up Utilities for Tallahassee Apartments

Your Tallahassee apartment will really begin to feel like home when you can binge tv in the living room, take a long, hot shower, and cook a meal in your upgraded kitchen. To enjoy your apartment to its fullest, you’ll want to prioritize getting your utilities turned on! With electric, water, internet and cable, you’ll have luxury at your fingertips. With a few tips and a bit of preparation, the utility set-up process will be a cinch.

5 Tips for Setting Up Utilities in Your Tallahassee Apartment


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  • Set up your utilities prior to move-out: Unfortunately, it can take upwards of a week for paperwork to process and technicians to come to your new apartment. If you prefer to have these utilities up and running before you move in – which is highly suggested and often required – then you’ll want to start this process 2-3 weeks before you move.

  • Check with your apartment first: Before contacting any utility service providers, be sure to ask your new Tallahassee apartment community about their utilities process, so you know what you are and aren’t responsible for. Many apartments near FSU, TCC and FAMU will set up utilities for you. These communities will bill you directly for rent and utilities, making monthly payments a breeze.

  • Cancel existing services: In the excitement of moving, it can be easy to forget about your current utilities. Before moving, you’ll want to contact your current service providers to set-up a cancellation appointment. If you plan on using the same utilities at your new apartment, you may be able to transfer services and save yourself a few bucks on fees.

  •  Ask about fees: Setting up new utilities can be costly, with fees and deposits ranging anywhere from $50 to $300. The good news is that many deposits or fees will be returned to you at the end of your service, with the exception of installation fees. While every utility provider is different, many will run your credit prior to approving the set-up of your services. Many cable and internet companies offer promotions, so be sure to ask before selecting any particular plan.

  • Bundle and save: There’s nothing better than saving a few bucks! Check with your potential utility providers and see if they offer other services, such as phone, cable and internet in one package. Not only will this save you money but it’ll also make life easier with less monthly statements to remember each month!

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