Setting Up Utilities for Tallahassee Apartments

Your apartment will really feel like home once your electric, internet, phone and cable is set up. Sometimes it can take up to a week to get paperwork and appointments set up, so be sure to get moving on this before you move. Below are some tips to make sure everything goes smoothly concerning utilities set-up.

Some of the student apartments near FSU, TCC, and FAMU will set up the utilities for you and direct bill for electricity, cable, water, and trash removal with your rent each month. Be sure to ask good questions about utility setup so you can be confident that you know which utilities you are responsible for arranging before move in day. 

Set up your utilities before you move

Setting up utilities is something you want to get started on before you move. Giving yourself two weeks to get everything in order should be sufficient.

Figure out what your apartment offers

Check with your new apartment staff to find out exactly what services your apartment is wired. Also, if you haven&'t already, be sure to check with your apartment to find out which, if any utilities are included in your rent. If you are considering going with a satellite dish, you will need to first check with the apartment staff to make sure you are aware of any restriction.

Cancel existing services

In all the excitement of moving into your new apartment, don&'t forget to cancel the utilities for your existing home. Check with your current provider to see if you can simply transfer your services to your new apartment. Transferring existing services will be much easier then setting everything up from scratch.

Associated fees

Setting up a new utilities account could include a fee anywhere from $50 to $300. This fee is treated as a deposit for future bills, or returned to you at the end of your service. No matter what provider you choose, you can expect that they will run your credit. Also, don&'t be surprised if there is an additional fee for set up or installation. Depending on the provider you choose, you might be able to negotiate on the installation. Cable and utility companies have become pretty competitive, so the company might be willing to drop one of the fees if you commit to signing with them.

Save if you bundle

If you are able to bundle services such as phone, internet, and cable you may be able to save a significant amount of money. Not only can you save money by bundling, but bill paying becomes much more streamlined when all your services come in one monthly statement.

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