Lester Nandati Photo

Local Expert

Lester Nandati

Lester was born just outside New Haven, Connecticut in the midst of dead-winter. Yet, he has resided in Tallahassee ever since moving down to Florida one and a half years after he was born. Being raised in Tallahassee, he grew accustomed to the heat of Florida summer, and the southern blend of culture. Still quite fond of his cold-climate roots, he never complains about the temperature in winter.

Lester currently studies Mechanical Engineering and is pursuing research in mechatronics under the FAMU-FSU Mechanical Engineering chairman. But his degree hasn’t yet stopped him from pursuing other opportunities. One of the things he enjoys is public speaking, and he participates in it several times a week. As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, he loves talking to people in many settings. Inevitably, he’s traversed many neighborhoods in the community and is comfortable with apartments, regions, and the city as a whole. He can offer a helping hand into learning Tallahassee’s features from a first-hand perspective.

Lester loves music – whether it involves listening or playing it. He enjoys practicing guitar and trumpet. He also likes to dabble in graphite drawing and sketches (although most times you’ll find these scattered in his class notes). Lester volunteers with a Regional Building Committee in his religion and helps out with land surveying, and heating ventilation and air-conditioning. Most importantly, he knows that he is a part of Tallahassee, and will take it wherever he goes.