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Social Media Representative

Aneesa Sukhwani

Aneesa Sukhwani, originally from Miami, Florida, is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Tallahassee, FL at Florida State University. Aneesa is an ambitious freshman who has chosen to study International Affairs with a double concentration in Public Relations. Her decision to pursue International Affairs and Public Relations derives from her goal to attend law school after graduation. While she aspires to have a career in law, she came to the realization that she has a profound passion for entertainment law. This realization stems from her love and respect for the entertainment industry; such as, videography and social media.

Aneesa was able to practice social media while running her high schools' TikTok account. This allowed her to discover her passion for creating content. Her involvement on the social media team in high school gave her the opportunity to grow and develop this skill. She now is proficient in social media management, video editing, and content creation. Aneesa not only focuses on her aspirations, but is also involved in campus life. She is a part of FSU's mock trial team, which allows her to sharpen her debate skills, as well as, "FLAME", an organization that focuses on creative and entertainment law.

Aneesa's hobbies include working out, reading, and traveling. The world of Percy Jackson ignited her love for reading. Her love for travel is evident through her annual cruise vacations and her aspiration to study abroad. Aneesa embodies the traits of a driven, compassionate, and hardworking student.