Living Responsibly in Tallahassee 

living responsibly photoMoving to a new city is an exciting experience. The opportunity to try new activities, make new friends, experience personal growth and become part of a new community are all benefits. Whether you are still scoping out RentTally for an apartment or have officially moved into your Tallahassee apartment, as a responsible member of the Tallahassee community it is important to familiarize yourself with the laws and know your rights.

Pumphrey Law Tallahassee Criminal Defense Attorney provides an e-book resource for college students with general information to help students gain a better understanding of legal situations that can potentially occur while at college. They've covered topics such as what to do if you get pulled over, fake ID's, hazing accusations, and student rights on campus. You can download the e-book below!

Download the e-book

For situations that are not urgent and non-life threatening please call the Tallahassee Non-Emergency line at (850) 606-5800

In the case of a life threatening emergency, always call 911.