How can I prepare my FSU apartment to host a Nole watch party?

As a student at Florida State University, you are probably no stranger to game days- the tailgate, the crowd, the epic war chant. So when it comes to hosting game day in your FSU apartment, you want to make sure everything is right. With football season on the horizon, we've compiled a few tips and tricks to transform your FSU apartment living room to the perfect watch party spot, sure to impress all your guests.

Seating, seating, seating

Invitations may be informal, but try to get a headcount before the big day so you can make sure you have space for all of your guests around your FSU apartment. Football games can be long, so it's best to have a place for each guest to sit if they'd like to. If you run out of couches or fold-outs in your furnished apartment, consider tossing some throw pillows on the floor for some Moroccan-style seating. Removing the coffee table from the middle of the room will open up even more floor space.


Now's the time to pull out all the memorabilia you keep locked away in your closet. Spruce up your apartment near FSU with some garnet and gold or some football-themed napkins, plates and banners to set the mood. Just make sure none of your decorations are covering the main attraction, the TV.  

Get the TV set up

Nobody likes a last-minute technical difficulty. So check the channels and test the speakers before the guests arrive to make sure everything runs smoothly at kick-off. If you aren't able to get things set up properly, call your cable company to confirm you have access to the right channels.

Remove breakables from the room

Nothing ruins a touchdown victory dance like a broken vase. So make sure you put any breakable items somewhere the party won't be. In a studio apartment, you can put valuables in storage closets or cabinets. If you live in a quiet apartment and plan on inviting some rowdy guest, make sure you give your neighbors a heads up about the party.


Most of your guests will be pretty snacky during the game, so a buffet-style snack table is best. Finger foods such as chips & dip, wings, pizza rolls and chicken fingers bode well for a larger group, or consider grilling some burgers and hotdogs to keep everyone full. Drinks are a must as well. Take a poll to see what your guests are hoping to drink or consider outsourcing the role of drink-bearer to one of the other guests. Either way, make sure there's enough for every guest to have a few servings as they'll be there for a few hours. Lastly, keep plenty of napkins on hand, especially around the area where guests are seated.  


Yes, the game is the focal point of the party, but there may be some guests who don't wish to watch the game in its entirety. If that's the case, having some fun games in a separate room is a great idea. Additionally, it might be nice to have some games available during the half-time show, perhaps a long table and some cups?!

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