My apartment near Florida State University is small. Do you have any tips for hosting Friendsgiving?

Tiny kitchen, tiny budget, big group of friends: if you're working with this combo this holiday season, you may think hosting Friendsgiving at your place is out of the question. However, there are a number of ways to optimize both your budget and your FSU apartment's space to fit all the friends and food you'd like to have for Friendsgiving.

Potluck style is your best bet

The romanticism of cooking a Thanksgiving feast for your friends may be clouding your judgement now but committing to cooking everything in your FSU apartment probably isn't realistic. And while it's very thoughtful of you to take all the pressure off your guests, you might end up stressing too much the day of the event to actually enjoy the friends you invited over. Instead, consider making Friendsgiving potluck-style and swapping out your great-great grandmother's 10-hour roll recipe for Hawaiian rolls and buying a couple rotisserie chickens in place of baking a turkey. For awesome ingredients or great pre-made appetizers and mains, check out GreenWise Market on Gaines near Florida State University! Your budget and your small kitchen will thank you.

No dining table? No problem

Friendsgiving is about bringing people together, right? So, what's wrong with getting a little cozy? If you don't live in a furnished apartment near FSU and buying an ornate dining table was low- priority when you moved in, consider buying a folding table for Friendsgiving. I personally invested in one a couple years back and it has served me well for numerous events. Simply keep the table in your storage space and buy a festive tablecloth to utilize it for Friendsgiving, Christmas and the Fourth of July. Your friends will be none the wiser, but all the more impressed with your hosting skills.

Get creative with seating

Seating can be a major obstacle in a small space, but in a pinch even a 5-gallon bucket can offer a previously standing guest a spot to rest. Think creatively and don't hesitate to buy, borrow or rent a few folding chairs for the event. Share the load of both food and other staple items like paper products and seating; chances are, you'll find that your guests are more than willing to assist the host. For more tips on making sure everyone has a seat at the table, check out this article from Houzz. 

Accept imperfection

Thanksgiving has a lot of traditional roots, but college is for budget-friendly improvisation. Don't be afraid to color outside the lines a bit this year. Maybe host a Thanksgiving brunch or invite your friends over for Snacksgiving in your FSU student apartment. You're really just gathering for the company- and maybe to have some friends to watch the parade with- so feel free to swap out the standard dinner with a more approachable option and laugh your way through the mishaps and mayhem. The more messy memories the better!

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