What gyms are close to my FAMU apartment?

Are you tired of the fitness center at your FAMU apartment or just looking to take an interesting and fun fitness class? Luckily, Tallahassee might just be the perfect place to be. With a vast variety of different types of gyms and fitness centers, you will absolutely find a place that you feel comfortable working out in. Whether you're a fitness pro whose run three marathons or you've never even been on a treadmill, there is a place for you to workout in that can push you toward your goals and encourage you to keep coming back. Here are three gyms near your FAMU apartment that you should definitely check out.

Iron Vault Gym in Railroad Square

Located just north of Florida A&M University is Railroad Square Art Park, a cute and quirky area filled with great restaurants, cool art, and even a gym! If you're interested in strength training or powerlifting, Iron Vault might be the place you need to go to. They offer both personal and group fitness classes, which is great if you think you might need a little more specific help or if you like to workout with others. They even have open gym, perfect for people who have been powerlifting for some time and want a place to do it on their schedule.

Drip Drop Fitness

If you're a woman looking for a safe and exciting place to work out, Drip Drop Fitness is the spot for you. Drip Drop offers cardio dance classes, low-impact strength training, Pilates, and more, all to a playlist that is sure to get you fired up. They also run a ton of specials so that you can try out their gym before making a commitment. This way you can test to see which of their workouts will work best for you and your goals. You have to save your spot for class in advanced which means you'll always have a spot to work out in and they cap classes at 15-17 people, so you'll always be able to get help from an instructor if you need it.

Expressions Movement Studio 

If going to a normal gym bores you or if you just really love to dance, Expressions Movement Studio might be the perfect workout spot for you. Created by Julianna, Expressions Movement Studio was started to reach the wider community, emphasize wellness, and create an accessible place for all people to move their bodies. They have a variety of different plans that allows you to drop in for a class before committing. There plans also have a variety of prices to ensure that all people who want to attend can attend. They even have a student plan!

If none of these gyms work for you, you can always go to a nearby park in Tallahassee, maybe even with your furry friend, and just take a walk in nature. If you're looing for an alternative workout route, you get a sweat on from your apartment near Bragg Stadium at FAMU when you run stadiums up and down the 25,000 person arena. There are so many ways to get active near your FAMU apartment and in Tallahassee, remember to take advantage of them too.

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