How can I make college FAMU apartments look more like grown-up apartments?

Heading off to college at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University can be a very daunting task. What can make it even more daunting is if it is your very first time living on your own in FAMU apartments. If you're used to having mom or dad pay your bills, clean up after you or buy your groceries, then moving out on your own is going to be a major wakeup call. Many college student apartments look, well, like college student apartments! This can be true whether it ranges from high-end luxury units to smaller, more affordable apartments. If you want to break the mold and make your humble abode look more as if you actually have your stuff together, we may be able to provide some help. While learning to adult is an acquired skill, getting your new pad set for your venture into grown-up ‘ville can be fairly simple if you remember to pack, or buy, a few key items.

Apartments near FAMU are well on their way to being a fully functional adult apartment when you actually provide your dinner guests with proper silverware. Paper plates can be very handy and easy, but you will really impress your date if you bust out the porcelain plates and non-plastic forks. Imagine your parents coming to visit and not having to drink their wine out of a red solo cup; they will be so proud of their budding successful adult! You can find these items fairly cheap at your local discount department store. Some basics include real plates, real silverware and glassware. A coffee cup or wine glass never hurt either.

Gone are the days of the plain white walls in FAMU apartments. You are developing into a fine young adult, so be sure to wow your guests with some wall décor. This is where you can get creative; hang up an old piece of art you rummaged to find at a garage sale or print some photographs that you took yourself and place them in a funky frame. You should probably ditch the old comedy movie posters and anything with kittens on it. Rule of thumb, if it has to be tacked to the wall rather than secured with a screw or nail, you probably should not display it. You can even ask your apartment community if you can paint your walls a very sophisticated color; even opting for an accent wall. You will want to make sure you follow your community's rules on this, since some complexes are very adamant about no modifications in your unit.

Having a proper bed as well as proper bedding is of utmost importance in your grown-up apartments near FAMU. You don't need a four-post bed with a luxurious canopy to look like you have made it in the adult world – even a full-size bed with no headboard can be brought to life with the right blankets and throw pillows. It is a bonus if your space comes fully furnished already.  Speaking of bedding, you should probably think twice about using sheets with any sort of sports team or cartoon character as the main focus. Try going with solids or subtle patterns. Having a bed that looks well put together will wow your guests and may even get you brownie points with your boyfriend or girlfriend.


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