What’s so bad about staying home?

With the increase of online classes available at FSU, there has been an increase in problems. There are students who live right in apartments near FSU that never go to campus because their majors require all online classes. This literally causes some students not to even leave their apartment for an entire day, if not more. Being so stuck in your own house is not healthy.

It's funny how something that can seem so much like a blessing can be an actual curse. Online classes can create some really bad habits that can be hard to shake off when you graduate, one of them being laziness. You don't need to take a shower or groom yourself if you are never going to leave your house, and on the rare occasion that you do you most likely won't clean yourself up anyways.

Your new habit of laziness will seep into other parts of your life as well. Your lack of grooming or going outside will make you far less likely to take care of yourself in other ways, such as exercising. Even with most FSU apartments having great fitness amenities such as pools, gyms, or sporting arenas literally a minute walk away, you will find yourself staying in your room.

Staying home a lot won't just affect your physical health however, it will affect your mental health as well. As you find yourself going out less and less, you are more far more likely to develop a case of depression. The human body doesn't just need room to move, the mind does too.

Depression is a vicious cycle, and one that you don't want to be at risk of being trapped in. The more you stay in the more depressed you get, and the more depressed you get the more you stay in. Eventually you may find it more difficult to leave your house than you ever would have thought. As nice as some FSU apartments are, never leaving them is a scary thought.

It may seem silly, and none of this may even apply to you, but a situation like this is more common than you think. The idea of taking online classes seems great, you can get up whenever you want and party whenever you want. Like mom and dad taught you however, the human body thrives with some order. Getting up and being in the world is what we are meant to do, and you will be much happier for it.

So if you have online classes and can go to them physically, I encourage you to do so. At the very least you should consider maybe watching them in the library, where you can be in a social environment. Don't let yourself get stuck in a rut, or I guarantee you will regret it later.

If you are already living in one of the FSU apartments and find yourself in this situation, then commit yourself to making a change. Get outside, go to campus, and enjoy being a student. It may seem annoying at first, but you will be much happier for it.

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