Are there any FSU apartments that offer short term leases?

Thankfully, there are several student apartment communities that offer short term leases. The FSU apartments listed below all offer leases that last three months, which is about as short term of lease as you will find near FSU. Each one is a great place to call home, even if it may be for a short time!

Seminole Grand is very flexible with its leases and offers a broad range of lease options. Three, six, nine or twelve month leases are all available for FSU students looking to become potential residents. In addition to short term leases, Seminole Grand is also great in that it leases by bedroom. This means that each roommate will sign his or her own lease, therefore holding only that person responsible for their share of the rent. Once you have decided on a short term lease, you can decide on one of the many floor plans and layouts this FSU apartment community has to offer. Seminole Grand has two, three or four bedroom options, making it a great place to live with other Noles. Seminole Grand is an awesome place to live if you attend FSU. Not only is it close, but it also has the type of student living atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. Organized resident activities help new Seminole Grand residents meet friends, while community features like an outdoor kitchen area, resort-style pool, sand volleyball court, club house and picnic area help provide multiple social settings to meet other FSU students.

Villa Del Lago is another FSU apartment community that has short term leases. Villa Del Lago has three, six, nine, or the typical 12-month lease. The flexibility of being able to choose short term leases is perfect for students that may be unsure of their future living plans, or may not be staying in Tallahassee the entire year. Many students go home during the summer, which works make a three or six month short term leases a great option. Like Seminole Grand, the short term leases are based on each individual roommate. This helps maintain rent payment responsibility. FSU students can pick from Villa Del Lago's two or four bedroom floor plan. Each type has multiple layout options that differ in size and price. The largest, a huge four bedroom with 1,050 square feet, has 2.5 bathrooms, furnished rooms, and gives off a townhome feel. Villa Del Lago has superior apartment features, such as: alarm systems, private bathrooms, a balcony or patio, extra storage space, upgraded countertops and walk-in closets.

The final FSU apartment community that offers short term leases is Venetian Villas. FSU students can choose from Venetian Villas' three, six, nine or twelve month leasing option. And like the other apartments listed in this article, Venetian Villas doesn't just have short term leases, but also individual leases per bedroom. Signing a short term lease at this FSU apartment will put you into a huge four bedroom apartment. This makes Venetian Villas a great place to live with a group of FSU friends. If you can't find enough people to fill your new apartment, consider joining the roommate matching program. This will help find you a roommate to fill the extra bedroom, or help place you in an apartment with other people you will get along with. Venetian Villas is located just west of campus near the intersection of Pensacola and North Ocala Road. This location is just a few blocks from Doak Campbell, which makes it an idea place to live if you love going to FSU football games.

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