Are there any FAMU apartments with private bathrooms?

Having your own bathroom is a great luxury to have if you really love your privacy. But finding apartments with private bathrooms is tough, especially if you are living in an apartment with multiple roommates. Many FAMU apartments have bathrooms that are located in a hallway or common area so that more than one tenant can use it. However, the FAMU apartment communities below all have private bathrooms are located within your bedroom. This ensures your private bathroom truly is private.

Pointe at Adams Place is my first pick for FAMU apartments that have private bathrooms. No matter which floor plan you choose, each bedroom at Pointe at Adams Place has its own private bathroom. This allows for tons of privacy, which is a welcomed commodity when you have multiple roommates. Other than having private bathrooms, apartments at Pointe at Adams Place come with features such as: upgraded countertops, walk-in closets, a yard, patio, and an alarm system. FAMU students can choose from a variety of apartment layouts, as well as floor plans that range from one to three bedrooms. But as I mentioned before, no matter how many roommates you end up having you are sure to have some privacy – even if it's just in the bathroom. 

University Gardens is another good option for FAMU students that want to live with a bunch of roommates, but also want their own bathroom. University Gardens has apartments with unique four-bedroom layouts. Each roommate has a private bedroom, bathroom and TV room. Additionally, each bedroom opens up to a huge common area that has a kitchen on one end and seating on the other. University Gardens is also incredibly affordable at only $300 per month. Cable TV with premium channels, internet and parking are all included with rent. University Gardens is also incredibly close to FAMU. It is located just two blocks from campus on Putnam Drive. Not only do you have your own private bathroom, you also have a quick, easy to commute to class everyday.

The Cottages of Magnolia is my final pick for a FAMU apartment with private bathrooms. With a layout similar to University Gardens, The Cottages have four-bedroom apartments that each has private bathrooms. Additionally, The Cottages of Magnolia has individual leases. This means each roommate signs his or her own lease and is responsible for only their portion of the rent. Apartments features include: an alarm system, patio, walk-in closets, tile floors, ceiling fans, washer and dryer, and a dishwasher. The Cottages of Magnolia is also very close to FAMU. It's about two blocks away on East Magnolia Circle. Privacy and convenience – what more can you ask for?

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