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Katie Brady

A true Floridian, Katie grew up in Bradenton, a beachy community just south of Tampa, FL. While moving to Gainesville was a bit of a culture-shock ("Where's the ocean?"), she now cannot picture herself anywhere else.

Katie is currently studying advertising at the University of Florida and participates in organizations including Ad Society, Journalism and Communications Ambassadors and the Dean's Student Advisory council. She just can't get enough of the j-school!

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Katie understands the need to make sure everything is "just right." This is especially true for when it comes to picking a place to live. There is no such thing as "settling" with an apartment. She joined the Swamp Rentals team because she feels it is the best service for matching an individual with his or her own perfect home.

When she's not writing web content, Katie can usually be found practicing her downward dog, binge-watching television series Netflix or trying to compose the perfect tweet.