Make Your Tallahassee Apartment Feel Like Home

Don’t let blank walls, a bare pantry or an unfurnished space intimidate you. Moving into your new Tallahassee apartment should be an exciting adventure – a chance to make the space a reflection of your unique style and interests. If you’re unsure where to start or how to transform your apartment into a comfortable, cozy home, then give a few of these fun tips a try.  

Clean, Clean, Clean

Ideally, your new apartment will be spotless when you move in. However, if it’s not you may want to spend some time dusting the blinds, wiping down the mirrors and disinfecting the bathrooms before you start unpacking. A little bleach and glass cleaner will go a long way in making your new space feel like home. Top it all off with a sweet-smelling candle or spritz of air freshener to tie it all together. While a little dirt and light cleaning is to be expected, be sure to speak with your leasing office if anything seems out of the ordinary.

Make the Space Your Own

If you’re inspired by nature, consider growing a few herbs for the kitchen or using plants as a way to add color and style to your front door or private patio/balcony. Our friends at Tallahassee Nurseries would love to answer your questions and help you find native plants that will grow well on your patio/balcony or in the shade by your apartment front door.

Imagine your new apartment as a blank canvas yearning for a splash of color and an artist to transform it into a work of art. Use this as an opportunity to get creative and really express yourself. Are there certain colors or themes that have taken over your Pinterest board? Does your green thumb inspire you? Or, do you have hobbies that you’re passionate about, like travel, music or cinema? Allow these interests to inspire your décor and build off those recurring themes. If you enjoy classic movies, a theater-inspired room with red and black accents may be right up your alley. Love to travel? Let Italy take over your kitchen.

Display Your Photos, Front and Center

No place will ever truly feel like home until you add in your sentimental items, family memorabilia and arguably most important, your priceless photos. Personalize your new Tallahassee apartment with friendly faces and fond memories. Remind yourself of the wonderful adventures you’ve had, like that semester abroad in England, the family cruise to the Bahamas, your high school graduation, or even the day you moved into your new apartment near FSU. A picture truly is worth a thousand words, so grab some nails and a hammer and get hanging.

Fill the Fridge with Your Favorites

Don’t forget one of the most important parts of living on your own – eating whatever you want! Grocery shopping is equally as important as unpacking because no one wants to get hangry while sorting through boxes. Fill your refrigerator and kitchen pantry with your favorite comfort foods, like spaghetti, eggs and bacon, or ice cream for dessert. Once you’ve stocked up on the essentials, break out the pots and pans and cook yourself a good meal. Breaking bread in your new apartment is sure to make you feel right at home. Be sure to check out local favorite Downtown Marketplace for the freshest local produce including vegetables, fruit, as well as eggs, fresh bread, native plants, and other artisan goods.   

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