How do I know which neighborhood is a good fit for me?

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Tally Square
Tally Square is a great option close to Downtown.

Drifting into a world, or even a city undiscovered could inject a stream of havoc on those who fear the unknown. Similar to the anxiety of transferring to a new grade school half way through the year, settling into the vibe of a new neighborhood can be equally as nerve wrecking. However, with so many resources available at hand, it always helps to grave up a little research prior to making your move.

So how do you determine which area is right for you? Preferences aside, selecting the perfect location to begin your search for FAMU apartments is an amalgamation of factors.

First, you are or will be attending FAMU. Most FAMU students and cohabitants tend to prefer to live next to or in close proximity of campus. The ease of living next to school goes without saying. So, will you fit in with this student body-built neighborhood?

SouthWest Neighorhood

Southwest Tallahassee is the district surrounding both the FAMU and FSU campuses. Most communities in this area are deemed “student housing.” As you can imagine, this neighborhood is filled with lively neighbors anxious to explore the ins and outs of a true collegiate lifestyle. Although you may not enjoy much quiet time in this neighborhood, apartments near FAMU in the Southwest district are very affordable. Much of the town is surrounded by the convenience of grocery stores, student-friendly bars, and restaurants. Public transportation is of ease in this location and many bus routes are located at the doorstep of your home.

Nightlife is impeccable in Southwest Tallahassee. Mainly due to the large student population, you can expect to encounter something to do almost every night of the week.

Southeast Neighborhood

Apartments near FAMU only a short drive from campus in the Southeast district of Tallahassee. Unlike the Southeast neighborhood, this area tends to be more laid back and quiet. Arguably considered a neighborhood harmoniously blended in a suburban lifestyle, this location is great or those who are looking to start a family or a professional career. Units here are more expensive than the student housing zones, however, they are still fairly priced. Although this area is not as lively than the former, there are a few night clubs, restaurants and bars in Southeast Tallahassee. Apalachee Park is located in this neighborhood and is a great park for those who love to bike, hike or jog. Hilaman Park Golf course is another recreational favorite.


Downtown is more so catered to the higher-income living. Busting in the center of the State's Capitol, the area of Tallahassee is faster paced and surrounded by luxury apartments and condos. This neighborhood is perfect for those wanting to experience a more city life or a young professionals looking for a great career. Do not expect to see very many FAMU students in this neighborhood.

Although these are just a few of the city's neighborhoods, these are the closest in range to the FAMU campus. Most students are attracted to the Southwest neighborhoods. However, if you are moving to the area with a family or thinking about starting one, Southeast Tallahassee will be more accommodating to your needs. Downtown is a great location for those seeking out a city life while in college. Although you will not find many students in this area, it is not too far from campus.

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