What clothes should I bring to my FSU apartment? (Weather Guide)

I know many visualize all Floridians living at the beach and running around in shorts and flip-flops year-round. Florida is a big state with eight hundred miles separating Pensacola from Key West and lots of temperature variations in between. There is a big difference between the panhandle and peninsula of Florida in terms of temperature, plants that will grow, and scenery. With Tallahassee's location in the panhandle just miles south of Georgia, it differs from other parts of the state and the climate is no different, so we are here to help you decide what type of clothes you should bring to your FSU apartment.

Brace For the Cold

Tallahassee gets colder than most of the state and has a higher chance of snow but don't get too excited or worried, the chance of snow is still very slim. If it ever snows, it may be once or twice a year and just a dusting at that. It usually never gets cold enough to stick around, but you will still find a use for a jacket, maybe not a full-blown parka but a good warm jacket. You may find the winters mild enough some years to spend time in sweats, sweaters, leggings, and jeans.

Escape the Heat

Although it gets colder than other parts of Florida, you can't escape the Florida heat while attending Florida State University. Some may argue that with the humidity and lack of sea breeze, it can feel even hotter here in Tallahassee than other parts of the state. So spending time at your FSU apartment's pool, the city of Tallahassee's community pools, local springs, or trips to the beach are a necessity. So bring your swimsuits, coverups, dresses, shorts, tank tops and all the lightweight clothing. You will soon appreciate and see a need for different fabrics that breathe a little during the hot summer months. Sun protection is a must, so don't forget the sunscreen and accessories such as sunglasses, hats, SPF coverups or shirts found at most sportswear stores and of course, you won't be a true Floridian without flip-flops.

You Never Know

The biggest surprise to many when they move to Florida is how often the temperature can change. You may find in some seasons jumping in between your FSU apartment heat and air conditioning, sometimes even in the same day. It could literally be freezing in the morning but a nice 70's degrees with full sunshine by the afternoon. So, think about layering clothing, especially during the winter months.

Some years and some months, it feels like it just rains non-stop or the notorious afternoon showers popping up out of nowhere during the summer months. You may find you want a pair of rain boots, rain jacket or poncho, especially if your apartment is within walking distance to FSU. Maybe something that easily fits in your backpack that you can throw on last minute would be helpful.

It seems every year is different here in Florida. To prepare your clothing for your student apartment in Tallahassee we suggest you bring a little of everything for clothing. Per the U.S. Climate Data website the coolest months here are December through February with highs in the sixties and lows in the thirties. In the summer, the highs are in the nineties with lows in the sixties and seventies with a lot of variation throughout the year. We hope you enjoy the weather at your new apartment near Florida State University. Many love the Florida weather because of the mild winters and accessibility to outdoor activities and recreation year-round, and we couldn't agree more!

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